How are we Accessorizing the Fall 2016 Makeup Trends?

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It’s no news that we all remain massively inspired by every

element found in the international runways! As fashion is found in everything,
we do not miss a chance to notice the multiple facets it showcases. Though our
prime focus seems to be jewellery, we always embrace all things fashion and
try to accentuate it with our set of ideas. Also, as unlearning and relearning
is the new method of learning, we aren’t missing out of how to review dated
trends in newer avatars.

This time around, makeup trends caught our fancy and we give
you a trip down on how to accessorize them and up your styling game.


Shop choker:

Shop necklace:

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Tight Lined Eyes

We love how tight lining highlights your eyes and makes them
stand apart as an outlined feature on the face. They look 90’s and what best, than chokers would complement them? For the bling lovers, a crystal necklace
would only emancipate the rules and open up another door of style inspiration.


Shop fringe earrings:

Shop hoops:

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Goth Lips

The bold lip made waves and is back in complete fervour,
this time dipped in ink black tones. A darker, fiercer and much bolder lip
looks extremely attractive with shiny gold accents. Tassels, hoops and fringes
are only going to speak further for your look!


Shop gold choker:

Shop lace choker:

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Dewy Skin, Peachy Lips

The princess seems to have travelled across time and has finally
landed in the current era! With dewy skin and peachy lips we are only reminded
of princesses from fairytales and all things delicate and demure. A soft golden
choker or a lace one will highlight the look and will also add a modish touch
to the look.


Shop crystal earrings:

Shop gold earrings:

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Glitter Eyes

Going all out with glitter is not a freshman’s cup of tea or
is it? A piercing look with the high shine glitter will evade all the tardiness
that you have been feeling and will make you jump hop to get on to the
bandwagon. Icy hues and forest greens go merrily with crystal danglers and
bronzing clasps emblazon gold accents.

We’ll leave you with that then. Share your ideas and tag us on Instagram with #PipaBella.

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