Halloween Dress-up

Halloween is almost here and though it might not be a major
deal in India, it still is celebrated by a bunch of enthusiasts. And by
celebrating we mean dressing up and parading for a Halloween party. Talking
about dress-ups, did we ever really grow up? We guess, it’s safe to say that we
love to have some fun in whichever way it is available then be it going to
theme parties or looking absolutely ghastly and dancing the night away.

We have seen a bunch of vampires, Disney characters and
fearful looking ghouls and it’s all seriously overdone. So to break that, we
thought of some fun costumes that you can pull off at this Halloween.

The Trump


Image source ~ https://www.youtube.com

Because haven’t we seen enough memes of Donald Trump and
don’t we want others to have a good laugh when they see us? The upside of this
could be, you can just wear a blazer and make your face an extra orange with
sunscreen shielded eyes and a side parted blonde wig. There, and don’t forget
to memorize his mannerisms!

Pablo Escobar


Image courtesy ~ http://www.thefactninja.com/

This drug mogul needs no introduction as Pablo Escobar’s
notoriety has been much famed and feared with his extravagant indulgence in
drug circulation. Personifying him might just be as easy with that wavy side
parted hair, signature moustache, period fashion and plata o plomo flash card.
We have to admit, we are heavily enthralled by Narcos resulting in this
Halloween idea.

Harley Quinn


Image courtesy ~ https://www.youtube.com

Because we all loved her in Suicide Squad and Margot Robbie
owned it! With ombre ponies in different colours and a face tattoo, the obnoxious
character of Joker’s girlfriend sure can’t be missed. Her attire speaks party
and as for her actions, evil will only be an understatement.

Esther from the movie Orphan


Image Source ~ http://distribune.com/

No one guessed the grim looking Esther will turn out to be
this sinister. Though a whiff of some foul activity lurked in her demeanour, such
viciousness could not be predicted. With dollops of makeup and school girl
costume, Esther also wears a choker keeping the rage of a trend alive.

Eleven from Stranger Things


Image courtesy ~ https://www.buzzfeed.com

Apart from surprising everyone with her telekinetic and
telepathic abilities, Eleven displays strong virtues of friendship. As much as
the series grips us with thrill, it would have been uninteresting in Eleven’s
absence. With a Peter Pan collar dress, a jacket and a blonde wob, she seems to
be a nice character to get in to this Halloween.

Dobby the House-Elf


Image courtesy ~ https://www.bustle.com

A perpetual melancholic who is super protective of Harry Potter,
that is what can be described of Dobby. With his animated look and even more
animated expressions we all had mixed feelings towards him but concluded him as
a hero later in the series. You will just need some super large eyes, outwardly
pointed ears, a jute sack to wear and yes a sock in your hand to claim that you
are a free elf.

Tell us your favourite and share your Halloween styles with
us at #pipabella.

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