Farewell To The Style Icon Of A Former First Lady


                                  Image courtesy ~ https://www.prx.org

Our jaws dropped, like literally, after hearing about the
recent development at the presidential elections of The United States Of
America. Enough memes and posts have done justice to showcase the dislike and
we definitely don’t want to rant about it more. What we will miss though, is
the extraordinaire duo of the former President and First Lady.

Talking about them, we definitely know how Barack Obama
charmed us with every appearance, but who stood like a wall next to him was his
wife Michelle. Apart from delivering speeches that awakened the very
core of us with an awesomesauce demeanour, The First Lady of The United States inspired
us with her empowering work towards women and eradication of childhood obesity.
A spectacular intelligence armed with a cracking sense of humour definitely made
Michelle Obama the ultimate queen of sass.

We here, are ardent fans of her sartorial picks amongst
other things and would hence like to list down a few of her iconic looks as a
farewell note:

Chain Mail Elegance


                            Image courtesy ~ http://www.instyle.com/

Topping the list is this Atelier Versace rose gold gown
which the former First Lady wore at her final state dinner! The drape was
perfect, the sheen was a statement and her side swept hair sat beautifully making
her the diva of the soiree.

Mermaid Feels


                           Image courtesy ~ http://www.eonline.com/

This decottelage prowess of a dress by Vera Wang indefinitely
made Michelle Obama an instant fashion glamazon at another White House State
Dinner. With off the shoulder tulle straps which sat graciously at the back and
sand dune skirt detail, this gown which matched Barack Obama’s black tux is a
winner of records.

Sunshine Bright


                       Image courtesy ~ http://fashionbombdaily.com/

This dress in a refreshing colour coupled with floral
details by designer Naeem Khan made Michelle Obama’s look worth remembering.
The colour accentuated her boldness and made her look absolutely chic.

Pearl Brigade


                        Image courtesy ~ http://www.whowhatwear.com/

We discovered the First Lady has a thing for pearls as she
appeared wearing them on multiple occasions with maybe only a strand or two.
This team up of stacked beads over the Marchesa gown which has a draped bodice
definitely made for a great pick by Mrs. Obama. Full marks for the slick up do!

 Fall Florals


                         Image source ~ http://www.harpersbazaar.com/

Another gorgeous dress by Naeem Khan, this one is something we
all want to secretly possess! With beautiful embroidery of bright hued flowers spread
across the dress, this one sits in our most loved archives and we heart her for
keeping it minimal with black pumps and red danglers.

We will keep looking up to her for inspiration when it comes
to both, good work and our wardrobe choices 🙂 Tell
us which one of her looks is your favourite.

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