Thinking Of A DIY Jewellery Storage? Here Are A Few Ideas

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If your jewellery seems
to be overflowing from drawers, boxes and all possible crevices, or you have
become a pro at losing one earring from a pair, then it’s about time you take
jewellery organizing seriously. And by that we don’t mean you have to buy
expensive jewellery organizers, but rather make some fun accessory displays
that serve as storage.

We’ll tell you how!


Terracotta Stands


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Firstly, get a bunch
of terracotta stands in varying sizes from a local potter and paint them in
bright colours. Make patterns or floral designs on them if you are feeling more
creative. Once dried, arrange them creatively on your dressing table and place
your chunky crystal earrings, rings, and pearl jewellery on these trays. Leave
a trail of your necklaces hanging, for that picture perfect dressing table

Pebble Hangers


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Remember all those
perfectly rounded or shapely pebbles that you have been hoarding, put those to
use now! Choose a few pebbles and stick them to an unused wall area in your
room. Once done, hang your bead or embellished necklaces and get ready to
showcase your jewellery in style.

Copper Pipe Stands


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Get copper pipes and
fix them to make a branched stand or create multiple stands of varying lengths.
Now slide in all your chunky cuff bracelets, necklaces etc. and display it while
making the space look prettier.

Peg Board Jewellery Display


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Creating a peg board
jewellery display will generate a serious DIY interest in you. Also if you love
those jewellery displays in shops, then you sure are going to enjoy creating
this one. Get started with a peg board, paint it in a pretty pastel colour and
make a frame surrounding it. Now, hang it on your wall and fix a couple of
hooks within the perforations as per your storage needs. Tie threads to the
hooks in parallel lines and hang your earrings in those threads. Now add cutesy
frames, cans and jewellery to complete your fancy display. Also we assure,
jewellery choosing will be a lot easier after this.

Lace Frame


                                  Image Source ~

If fine lace is your
weakness and you always find yourself admiring at its intricacy then we are
declaring that this will become a favourite for sure. Choose a pretty lace and
attach it to a vintage frame, start with poking your stud earrings and danglers
and display it prettily on your table.

Trust us on this, your
friends will surely admire your creative side but you know where you got it
from. 😉 And don’t forget to fill these
beautiful jewellery displays with Pipa + Bella jewellery.

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