A Toast To All The Awesome Mothers

Image courtesy ~ http://www.laineygossip.com

On the occasion of Mother’s Day we would like to give you all a humble reminder of how our mothers are our ultimate heroes and have lent a part of them to us. While we have a lot in common, there are some things that we never agree to and we like it that way, because then what’s the fun? But not to forget, they are the eternal matriarchs when need arises and will defeat everyone who comes their way.

So this post is testimony to the love-hate relationship we share with our beloved mothers. 😀


The Calm Before The Storm

You know this look because you have been in this situation a thousand times over. No amount of excuses or explanations will help you reign over this look of hers. She seems to be super calm but you know, what’s waiting is some serious grilling session.


The Deadly Interrogation

This interrogation may put all your facts and checks to question and then there is no stopping. You only get to talk when she is done asking all he questions, but chances are you may only be left fumbling.


The Eternal Defence

She may not show it often but come crisis situation and she will manifest herself like you have never seen before. If anyone tries to throw shade at you, there’s no way she is letting them go without getting a piece of her mind.


A Mother’s Pride

Our mothers have been our greatest critics, but are also our ultimate support systems. The pride that she has on any of your achievements is unmatchable and sometimes her elation overpowers yours.


Same Same

And finally, like mother, like daughter! Apart from sharing a couple of some genes, you have a lot in common with your mother that you can only be thankful for. From displaying the same antics to having the same big heart, you are your mother’s daughter and there can be no better compliment than that.

To celebrate this special day and to showcase all the love that you have for your mother, shop our Mother’s Day Gift Box here: http://bit.ly/2pXaZ2I

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