Meet Iris Apfel: The Ultimate Style Icon

The overwhelming style that Iris Apfel possesses is something that we have always been glued to. The heavy clanking jewellery, oversized glasses, artwork garments and her matchless style is non-parallelled. She wears what she feels she should and does not listen to what others say, that’s when she strikes the right chord. Though we cannot be as daring as she is, we sure like her experimental self and constantly take inspiration from her quote,“If you don’t dress like everyone else, you don’t have to think like everyone else.”

A businesswoman, interior designer and fashion icon in her own regard, Iris’ diverse yet bought-together fashion is something that only she can truly do justice to. The distinctive elements that throw light on her passionate demeanour interest us and are our subject of discussion today.


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Iris Apfel resides in her three-bedroom Manhattan Apartment that is nothing less than a beautifully curated museum itself. Her persona reflects in her home too that consists of beautiful vintage craft from varied cultures making it a creative portmanteau of sorts.


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Wondered how Iris Apfel manages to wear so much of them and how much do they weigh? Well, it is only left for her to explain. She has a collection of the chunkiest necklaces that range from beads to metals to stones. Oversized links, vintage crystals and DIY jewellery; she wears them all and showcases that there is no stopping her.


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Her glasses are the first thing that you will notice and they justify her quote, “More is more and less is a bore.” The oversized black rimmed glasses that she is always spotted with have become much of her style statement as much as her accessories.


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Again, she stacks up her wrists with all sorts of bangles and bracelets which are decorated with lifted patterns or fine studs. She is the master of arm parties and may easily overshadow the ones that we flaunt these days.


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Every element from her jewellery collection is as distinct as it could ever be and that explains her ring collection too. Her interests are not only restricted to beads or stones but quirky elements like a robot ring or a heavily veined turquoise.

So, we are saying, look up to this self-proclaimed geriatric starlet for some serious accessory inspiration and tell us which one of her looks is on your list of favourites.

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