Pledge Your Karma This Earth Day

We have all been feeling strongly about saving the environment and working towards creating a cleaner and greener surrounding. So, this Earth Day will be a good chance to do that, not only because this time the campaign is Environmental and Climate Literacy, but also we owe a lot to Mother Earth.

Though awareness about global warming and reforestation has been widely spread, there are many more arenas of change that need to be worked towards and brought about. To step in that direction and to re-create every initiative that has the potential to make our Earth better, we pledge with our Karma Bangles which are inspired from the very nature of Earth itself. #IMustExpress


More love towards nature because we have forgotten to treat it with tender care. It feeds and helps us thrive, and with that being said, what it deserves is much more than what we have to extend. With this karma bangle, do a good deed, spread love and start with selfless sowing of hope for a better future.


Maybe the idea of reducing the carbon footprint boosted and somehow died down but it is not supposed to be treated like a fad. Every act, every change and every action taken now will result in saving us from a global crisis that is speedily approaching us. Set apart and inspire to do your bit, save energy by putting off that computer when you are taking a break, treat water as a reserve and use it efficiently and do every single thing that you think is an act of saving the green.


We have been struggling with rightful disposal of garbage since many years now, and though we have fairly emerged successful in spreading the word, it has not been rightly implemented. As a result, there are humongous piles of waste that we have no idea how to get rid with. In order to keep that under scrutiny, let’s pledge to be the change and start with our own self first.


Lastly, always think in a way that benefits the Earth, because thoughts become things. Be it about saving energy, facilitating the reach of water in a parched zone or working for a cause that will bring climatic goodness; think, believe and do what will lead to the betterment of Mother Earth.

Share your Karma Bangles and pledge with #IMustExpress.

To learn more about the entirety of the different aspects that Earth Day encompasses, you can check:

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