Accessory Elements That Are Our Current Favourites

Coming vacation season, we want to do is experiment with various elements of jewellery found on the runway. From distinct themes to mystical etherealism, the collection showcased on the ramps inspire us endlessly.

Time and again, we seek for various changes to make our style more statement-ey and we feel elements in our accessories play an important role. So, to give our jewellery wardrobes an update and to ensure that we look vacation ready, here are a few jewellery elements that we are currently binging on:


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Because can we ever be done with beads? From those beautiful turquoise ones to an entire chain of colourful pretties, beads will remain to be our forever loves. Not only do they add a quick pop of colour to any outfit but can also be used to create a simplistic or statement style.


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Well, they need no introduction and it is absolutely legit to hoard them. From small embellishments on your necklaces to long sweeping ones as shoulder grazers, tassels have come a long way and we will continue experimenting with them.


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They look dreamy and are perfectly light-weight no matter how many of them you club together. They also come in diverse colours, shapes and patterns making them a fashion essential element that you can’t really miss.

pom poms

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Pom Poms

The next big trend following tassels are pom poms! These cutesy colourful pops make an entire ensemble come alive with their vividness and colour. Having said that, wear them simply as single drop earrings or team them with tassels and wear them as a statement neckpiece.

Which jewellery elements do you personally like?

Also take a look at our tassel and pom pom baubles:

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