Contemporary Accessories To Look Up To…


We are self-proclaimed accessory addicts and that qualifies us to keep talking about baubles or that is what we like to think 😉 From necklaces to earrings to rings, we love them all and are always eager to try on the new baubles that are just in. Sometimes that means selecting our jewellery first and our outfits later and we won’t have it any other way.

While doing this, we are always welcome for experimentation and like to explore new styles when it comes to embellishments. Though there are so many new innovations that we always try to keep up with, here are a few of our favourites that we would like to see more often in the fashion circuit:

bun cuff

Bun Cuffs

You saw space buns dominating the hairstyle scene at Coachella and now you can embellish them with these bun cuffs. Choose a metal one to accessorize a single slicked-back top knot or pick an embellished crystal one to style your hair in a low chignon.


Palm Bracelets

You love wrist bracelets and rings both, so why not palm bracelets? Get a studded one and wear it simply to exude a minimalistic statement or team it with chunky rings and bracelet stacks to showcase your extreme styling.


Septum Rings

For nose pin lovers, this one is a must-have. Septum rings not only look elegant but are also a subtle nod to the eternal stylista in you. Get a plain metal one or an intricately styled one to exude style and fashion like never before.


Neck Cords

They were originally designed to protect your eyewear from falling but can now be viewed as potential style elements. We are not saying plain strappy ones but entirely crystal embellished ones or the ones laden with colourful tassels or pom poms. Fun enough and vacation perfect too!

We hope you like our curation of these accessories, tell us which one is your favourite?

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