What’s The Story Behind Our NSxPB Bags? Get All The Deets Here


We have to admit, we acted like a bunch of enthu cutlets throughout the creation of these NSxPB bags. In collaboration with the makeup expert Namrata Soni herself, we fashioned a range of stylish yet extremely functional storage solutions. Since we often undergo the dilemma of carrying too much in a tote or carrying too little in a clutch; we decided to bridge this enormous gap. Fashionable enough to flaunt, this range of pretty pouches and handy clutches was designed keeping all this in mind.


Namrata knew that the pastel colour scheme and florals are extremely popular which is why sequin flowers are predominant in this collection. A blast of bling is essential when we talk about glamour and so our Bridal Box was designed in the colour of gold. Likewise, we know the importance of neutrals too especially when it comes to accessories, something that could go with everything is what we had in mind when we designed our Magnolia and Raisin Black Convertible Clutches.


Not only do they look good but they also come with multiple compartments to provide every kind of storage. From zipper sections to store your makeup, keys and credit cards to providing an attached mirror, these storage pouches are a complete solution to your on-the-go storage needs. Also, it was a nod from the makeup connoisseur Namrata herself.


And finally, we are giving you a sneak-peek of the amount of makeup and jewellery you can hoard in these pouches 😀

Excited much? So are we. Get grabbing them all here: http://www.pipabella.com/nsxpb

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