Rainbow Dress-Up

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Dress-Ups in office are always fun and everyone looks forward to them. We here at Pipa Bella are these zesty bunch of people who are incredible supporters of all things fun, dress-ups topping our list 😀

That being said, we decided to add a touch of colour to the monsoon gloom by celebrating Rainbow Dress-Up at work. So, what did we do? Each one of us chose a colour from the rainbow, dressed up accordingly and showed up. That simple! Of course, there were a few left-outs because they completely forgot but we made them clouds because we are very accommodating 😀 We definitely didn’t have unicorn lattes and toasts in celebration but we did have a colourful photo session to mark this day.

Here’s presenting to you, the VIBGYOR clan:

DSC_0472 copy

Processed with VSCO with a10 preset

DSC_0476 copy

DSC_0479 copy

DSC_0482 copy



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