From Being Enemies To Being Best Friends! Re-live The Brother-Sister Bond With Us This Raksha Bandhan

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Raksha Bandhan is not only a culture rich and traditional affair, but also a celebration of the very special brother-sister bond. From fighting for the TV remote to sharing all your secrets with each other, you both have come a long way and your transition from enemies to best friends has been enormous.

In an attempt to relive those moments and to add a fun twist to Rakhi, here’s presenting you 4 instances which each one of you might have found yourself in 🙂




Exclusive ATM

Because if you find yourself short of cash, you can always ask your brother for a few extra bucks. Be it for getting your best friend a gift or to get that much-coveted outfit, your brother is your Personal ATM who always has some money kept aside for you.

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Very Dapper

He sure teases you for your beauty routines, but exactly how many times does he change his hairstyle before stepping out? Known as the cool dude who is always looking dapper, your brother is indeed the epitome of style.

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Personal Chauffeur

No matter if you want to step out at night to celebrate a friend’s birthday or get back home from a late night party, your brother is always there. Of course he will act all pricey and bored but your safety comes first and he will never jeopardize that.

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Partner In Crime

Have had too much to drink? Your brother is your man in shining armour here. You just need to call him and the situation at home is all taken care off.

Shop rakhis: Silver Super Bro Badge & Gold Cursive Superbro

Relatable right? To celebrate this bond and to spoil your brother a little, you can shop for our compact Rakhi Gift Box here:


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