Checklist: Busting Jewellery Myths

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We as bauble folks love the idea of immersing ourselves in as much jewellery as we can and dismiss any blindly followed jewellery myth that comes our way.  So in an attempt to bust at least a few, we are here with a bunch of apparent fashion faux pas which in reality might be pulled off quite effortlessly.

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Jewelry With Prints Can Be Non-Flattering

Now, whoever said this clearly did not team up a metallic or crystal embellished necklace with floral or pop art inspired ensembles. The jewellery could be worn to offset or blend in and that is what will take center stage. Also, colourful baubles are a thing and wearing them with equally thought through colourful outfits can be quite ground breaking.

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You Can’t Wear Gold And Silver Jewelry Together

You might have come across this a lot and let us tell you that you shouldn’t believe it one bit. You can very well stack up gold and silver bracelets and create a statement art party or choose a chunky neck piece with gold and silver beads. Trust us the two colours are best friends and will only amplify your look.

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Retro Pieces Can’t Be Trendy Once The Fad Dies Down

This is a blatantly told lie that we all have fallen prey to at some time. We mean don’t continue wearing them incessantly but look at hoops, they are a retro gem. Then there are chokers which are still much coveted. You didn’t buy them all to stop wearing them once they become a downward trend. Keep reviving them by including them in different ensembles from time to time.

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Avoid Blingy Jewellery During Daytime

Crystals entered in full furore and quintessentially busted this myth but still many shy from picking blingy jewellery as a part of their daytime ensemble. We are here to affirm that you can certainly wear sequin earrings, sleek bracelets and chunky crystal necklaces with your formal shirts and flowy blouses to look style perfect.

We hope we have helped you in realizing that you can completely let go off these myths and experiment with them more often 🙂

Also, don’t forget to tell us a jewellery myth that you have so often heard.

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