LFW Style: Masaba’s Madagascar


Masaba Gupta’s fashion has had us all gaping at the myriad prints and splatter of colours. From candy pops to Tamil scripts she has showcased them all bringing Indianess to modern silhouettes with renewed vigour. Sticking to her uniqueness, this time too the talented designer displayed her “focus on mood” theme with prints that will resound to the Madagascar vacation you long to take.

A look for every occasion, Masaba’s LFW 2017 collection was surely something that has to be archived.


This stunning gown with a shimmery crescent embellishment is the perfect evening fix. To match the minimal extravagance, our dangling Ashlynn Earrings seem best.


With Palm Springs all over it, this breezy dress is what you need for your evening shimmy. To offset the subtle hue, our Multi-Stone Layered Necklace seems perfect.


For those who want to make a bold move, this neutral corset saree is every nuance woman’s dream. Our Ibis Earrings should prove to be the ideal pop of colour for this ensemble.


This dreamy lehenga choli attire has princess-ey vibes that anyone would love. The falling off-the-shoulder drape is the highlight and for those who love minimalistic hues, this is the perfect wedding attire. Our High Shine Chain Necklace is the perfect embellishment for this look.


This gorgeous gown and overlay is perfect if you want to make a statement with your style. The sole shimmery embellishment offsets the deep color beautifully and the overlay acts as a softly blending drape. Our matching Crystal Earrings seem like a good idea.

All images taken from: https://www.vogue.in


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