Nikita: The Merch Ace


Nikita quickly shape-shifts from a stylist to makeup artist while excelling in effortlessly concocting an assorted collection. Brimming up with energetic fervour at all times she also keeps us entertained with her myriad everyday findings. Keeping efficiency at its prime makes Nikita our in-house Monica!

 There’s more to her though.

Your style is?

My mood. My mood has always had a great deal of an effect on my style. I could be wearing a kurta with antique silver jewellery on one day and a crop top with high-waist denims on another.

3 things you always have handy?

Kajal, Rosebud Salve Lip Balm and a Comb!

What inspires you?

People and my surroundings. There are so many people in this world with such amazing personalities. I am always inspired by that.

A song you are hooked on to?

My Own Hymn by Above & Beyond

Tough times call for?

Music and my closest peeps!

Ideal travel destination?


A surprising fact about you?

I eat dessert with my meals instead of after!

What drew you to Pipa Bella?

I’ve always looked at Pipa Bella as a chic brand and most importantly a brand that cherishes its employees.

Your best-loved jewelry item at PB?

My personalized necklace!

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