Aalind: The Tech Geek


Aalind’s calm demeanour may come as a surprise considering his profound interest in music. Excelling at that, he is also an efficient Software Developer so much so that, no amount of our queries related to Hebrew-esque coding perturbs him. We’d like to say more but decided on letting him do so:

Your style is?   

The positivity in me! I guess that’s what I would like to wear every day (apart from the clothes, of course, *laughs*). I really look for comfort, so I try to put a t-shirt and a pair of jeans on normal days along with a metal bracelet (can’t-miss this one) on my right hand and a watch.


What inspires you?

The happiness which I see in my dad’s eyes after I achieve something! That inspires me the most!


What does a typical day at work look like?

It’s a roller coaster ride. Super exciting as I love it and frustrating at times (coding is like that only, he sighs!) Overall it’s fun to be here! 🙂


A technical marvel you look up to?

I think I got really inspired by Bill Gates from my early childhood days. I think he is someone who has changed the whole game of the industry.  Elon Musk is doing the same thing in the recent times.


In your free time, you like?

There are only two things in my life. Coding and Music! There is no free time as such. So a typical day of mine starts from coding in the office and ends with practising music at home 🙂


Tell us more about your love for music?

I started to develop an interest in music when I was 16, which I think is very late. Living in a town, I was not able to do much but the real journey started when I went to college and formed a band. That made me more and more interested towards music and inspired me to start taking it more seriously than just a hobby. Now, I can’t live a single day without it!


Your favourite comfort food?

I have been living away from home for the past 7 years, so there really isn’t and can’t be something better than the food my Mom cooks.

How would you describe Mumbai?

I am here from the past 2 and half years. Mumbai has given me a lot already. I would describe it as bittersweet. It’s good in a way as it gives you the exposure to work hard towards your dreams but at the same time, the lifestyle is not that great here as compared to other cities.


Tough times call for?

A cup of tea with my guitar by my side, a call to my lifeline, my mom and hanging out with my close ones.


What drew you to Pipa Bella?

The moment I first heard about Pipa Bella, I felt a vibe which was very positive. Also, the thought that I would be working on the technologies that are currently trending and the ones I really like, made me even more interested.

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