Team PB Resolution


What’s your 31st plan and what’s your New Year resolution are two congruent questions that cannot really be apart from each other for long. As the former part has quickly gone by, let’s focus on the latter part which allows us to set renewed goals for an entire year.

We at Pipa + Bella decided to ask a few members for their 2018 Resolutions and they have generously obliged:


“In 2018, I have resolved to be kinder to myself, others and the environment. I am proud to be a part of the millennials for all that we have achieved in the last few decades in terms of technological progress, but I do believe that despite our over-connectedness we have failed to focus on important social issues like discrimination against the other, promoting inner peace, and most of all showing respect to Mother Nature and all of its elements like the air we breathe, wildlife, marine life, etc. I think if we each make a little time everyday to change the status-quo, we can make far more progress as a generation!” ~ Shivani Pandya(VP Merchandising)


“I really want to travel around. So my resolution this year would be to plan my leaves better and travel more often :)” ~ Amoli Shah(Junior Merchandiser)



“Every year when I make a new year’s resolution , I follow for at least 1 week or utmost a month. Later I forget as the time passes, but this time I want to stand firm on my resolutions. So here are they:
1. To keep fulfilling my commitments because I usually forget them.
2. Become more disciplined about my work and health.
3. Spend less and save more  because I have been spending a lot of money lately.” ~ Aayushi Kambariya(Junior Front-end Engineer)

here and now.jpeg

Live in the Here and Now is my resolution. The present never returns and unlike the past, it’s the only thing we can change :)”~ Nikita Fernandes(Senior Merchandiser)



Work harder and party even more harder is my resolution 😀 ~ Ishaan Vandoor(Senior Customer Experience Manager)


Young woman practicing yoga in urban loft: Upward Facing Dog

My resolution for the new year is to get back to gym and not quit. Take care of my health and be absolutely healthy. ~ Sneha Prasad(Junior Brand Manager)

In addition to these resolutions, we have our resolution Karma Bangles for company 🙂

Go ahead, tell us what’s your resolution for 2018?


Images taken via various resources.

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