Portrait Making With PB



We are definitely not polished Picasso’s and that’s pretty evident from the above image. However, we did try a hand at re-creating the PB faces and must we say, we failed miserably 😂 Nonetheless, we did have a good laugh!

The activity started with us writing our names on individual papers and circulating it around. Now, whoever got the sheet had to draw one feature of the person whose name was written on the sheet and circulate it again for the next part to be drawn. This continued until the entire face was ready. To top it all, we asked everyone to add accessories.

Want to see fun results? Here they are😁

Pretty close, eh?


Someone definitely imagined him as a cartoon character!


The eyes look so on point!


Accessory overload!


They drew a personalized necklace for him. Sweet!


Necklace on point but what happened to the hair?


Inverted glasses 🤔


Why the miniature version though?


The hair saga continues.


Hey Launchpad


Hey, we are not saying, but you now know what activity to play on your next get-together 😊


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