4 Innovative Ways To Use Jewelry Trays


If you are anything like us, we are sure your jewelry cabinets must be overflowing but you still can’t stop yourself from buying more jewelry. Though we cannot help you with the latter, we can definitely help you with storing them in style!

While storing them in boxes seems conventional, we thought these cutesy jewelry trays will give your dressing table decor a quick upgrade To know more about their utility, read on:


Place Your Jewelry 

Sparkling crystals, glossy metals and everything in between can be tastefully placed on these gorgeous jewelry trays. Not only will they keep your jewelry safe but will also amp up your vanity space.


Store Other Essentials

Now we all know, safety pins and bobby pins get lost in some black hole. Also, isn’t it irritating when you are carefully trying to tuck in something but have to frantically search for a pin? Save yourself from all the hassle and place your pins on these jewelry trays so that you can reach out to them whenever you need.


Dinner Table Decor 

More often than not, we get bored with the same dinner table set-up. To add some color you can place these jewelry trays. Get the Golden Leaf and Cactus Tray and let your guests marvel at your style.


Medicine Holder

Make your bedside table look pretty with one of these jewelry trays by placing them atop. What’s more? Place your teeny medicine box or ointment tube so that you remember to consume/ apply it.

Was this helpful? Tell us more innovative ways of using jewelry trays. In the meanwhile, shop from our Jewelry Tray Collection.

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