5 things that only roommates do together!

When you decide to share your house/room, you come across many different characters. Some crazy, some sweet but they’re all unique in their own way.

Here are 5 things only roommates can do together:

  1. Let’s “talk” – When “talks” between roomies are about 
  • Furniture: Who has what and who will pay for what?
  • Groceries: Shop together or buy own?
  • Bills: How will you split the payment of rent and bills?
  • Chores: How will you divide chores? 


2. Matching up to each other’s weird habits – Discovering that you’re not the only one who wears pajamas all day if you don’t have to go out, shapes a quirky understanding of – What happens in our home, stays in our home


3. What’s yours is mine too – Always finds your clothes attractive, songs playlist desirable and their own pen drives missing. So, they come asking you for clothes, notes, soaps, jewelry and what not. And wait, here’s the best part: they never remember to return things. In fact, they don’t remember borrowing anything in the first place!

4. Everything is fun with her – From staying up all night watching movies to shopping dates to silently reading with each other in solace, everything is fun with your roommate



5. The only person who misses you when you go back to your town – All in all, roommates may soil your room or spoil your clothes after borrowing, but they are the ones who keep you entertained and nurse you back to health when you were sick. However crazy and weird they might have been, your roommates will always be a part of your life and you kind of miss them when they aren’t around

giphy (1).gif

Living away is one hell of an experience, but as time passes by, we realize that our roommate is our family away from family!

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