Tips and Tricks to wear Minimum Statement Jewelry

Aren’t we all just haunted by the idea of stepping out of our house in an attire paired with jewelry that doesn’t go with it? And what if we over- accessorize? Even worse! Worry not, we have your back 😉


Here are our tips and tricks to create statement looks with minimal jewelry:


Tip #1 Ace the summer look: Pairing tonnes of jewelry with a summer dress often takes away from the essence of a summer look. Instead of wearing any jewelry, embellish your side bun, french braid or wavy locks with our Gladiolus Hair Pin and transform into the look of an Exquisite Greek princess instantly


Tip #2 Hack for a day to night look: Working from 9 to 5 can be stressful, and having a dinner plans after work can be even more daunting. Don’t we all stress over what to wear? And with what  jewelry? Take a deep breath, we have a hack! Wear a plain black jumpsuit to work and pair it with our Gregoria Earrings later for your evening look. A look we are living for!


Tip #3 Up the game with your Indian Look : Want to surprise your friends with an edgy Indian Look?  Say no more, just pair our Golden Leaf Nose Pin with your Kurta and add a black bindi like the cherry on the cake. Oh we are so in love!


Tip #4 Own the dressy outfit: Embroidered tops and necklines with studded beads can be a challenge to accessorize. You don’t want to do to much but you don’t like stepping out without jewelry either? Such a fix! Don’t Worry, style your look with our timeless Floryn Ring –  and you have a creative and Dynamic look !


Tip #5 Simple Jewelry for a sudden getaway plan:  Your friends have come up with a sudden weekend getaway and you don’t know what to pack? Wanting to keep it bold yet minimum can be challenging! Indian or Western, pair it up with our Sylvana Bangle. Versatile as they are they will add an extra edge to your look !


Hack your summer style with our tips!


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