Pinning Secrets for your Luscious Hair

Keep it simple, hassle free and stunning.  This season free yourself of sweating in the summer heat and save yourself from layering up tones of jewelry.


Be trendy while you embellish your hair with our fashion jewelry!
1) Grey flower choker necklace: A phenomenal flower lunch date look is something you should always watch out for. Unhook our Grey Flower Choker Necklace, wear it as a hair band and lay your hair over from the sides to hide the ends and there you are all ready!




2) Krysanthe Earrings : An exquisite hair-do for a fine dinner is all we want. Adorn your top-notch bun or a side braid with our Krysanthe Earrings!




3) Deborah Choker : Special Indian occasions are synonyms to dressing up and getting the Indian Attire on fleek is OH so important! Let us free you from the burden of accessorizing a gaudy Indian attire, wear our Deborah Choker as a headband and slay!




4) Frostine Ring: :  A statement hair pin in a versatile gold is perfect way to amp up your party look . Add our Frostine Ring to your side/ back bun or a braid and own your look!




5) Ula Bandana: Sunday outings?  Let’s be honest, we are just too lazy. Top off your lazy-casual day look with out Ula Headband and Ooolala 😉




The best thing is that you can use these product in more than one ways!We are sure we have solved your hair accessory  woes 😀


Shop them:


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