Exotic Jewelry for your #InstaGoals

Oh! How we love a picture of a perfect platter with fancy stuff around it. An aesthetic flat lay whose theme screams summer is what we want to turn our social media feeds into. Fresh Summer fruits and our New Summer Edit Launch what a perfect combination.


We have some interesting ideas to help you:


1)Ra Sun Earrings+Mango : The thought of a sweet mango puts a smile to our faces instantly. This picture perfect flat lay with out Ra sun Earrings will add a fresh bright yellow to your feed!




2)Senorita Crimson Earrings +Apple : An apple a day keeps a doctor away? Well our Senorita Crimson Earrings will keep your dressing woes away any day 😉



3)Cleopatra Cue Earrings+ Watermelon :  A chilled watermelon just kills our tiredness from the summer heat. What’s better is our Cleopatra Cue Earrings paired with watermelon which will make up for a killer picture!



4)Malo Sling Bag+ Pineapple : Our Malo Sling Bag and a pineapple, makes for a fine-picture!





5)Satin Twink Teal Blue Earrings+ blueberries: Blue berries rollin and our Satin Twink Teal Blue Earrings. Eye candy!




We are taking our cameras out right away , you go and take out yours!


Shop as long as stocks last: https://bit.ly/2JbKik4

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