Brace the Bracelets

Layer Jewelry

The bracelet trend is here to stay and has been becoming better with time. Worn alone or layered with other bracelets, the trend is sure to take your accessories game from drab to fab. 

We have listed a few times when you must step out with a bracelet or two on your hand:



Working on a laptop

We tend to feel de-motivated and low on an early Monday morning.  But if you have our Chimere Bracelet with other link bracelets stacked on your hand, you can bring in the weekday cheer.



Sipping on your favourite drink

We all have a favourite drink, be it Coffee, infused waters or an exotic cocktail. All you need to do is, stack up our Blue Alexis Cuff Bracelet and flaunt them while you sip on your drink.



The Instagram post

An exotic background + our Karma Bracelets = Bestest Insta image!



Blogger like selfie

Don’t we all love those blogger selfies where they have their hand next to their face?LOOKS SO HOT! You can create the same with our Slider Charm Bracelet!

Get your hands on them now!

Shop our bracelet collection here:

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