A Guide For Accessorizing Statement Necklaces With Popular Necklines


Knowing the right accessory to pair with an outfit is a crucial part of dressing. But we are often found stumped at what necklace to wear with which neckline. So here we are showcasing accessories that go with 5 everyday necklines.

high neck

The High neck Elegance

Wear a statement bead/ stone studded necklace over your high neck top to create an elegant and chic look.

off shoulder

The Off- Shoulder Dash

Pair a layered bead necklace with an off-the-shoulder top to adorn your bare neckline. Add a little highlighter to your collarbone and you are good to go 😉


The Spaghetti Babe

Beat the heat in a Spaghetti top/ dress with a round neckline and pair it with an all gold statement necklace for an enchanting look.


The Plunge Pipa

A long layered necklace and a Plunge neck top. We think, there can’t be anything trendier than these two together.


The Square Neck Belle

A choker necklace never goes out of fashion and always makes for a fresh look! Pair yours with a Square neck!



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