Founder’s Day At PB


So, we celebrated Founder’s Day on 11th July, 2018 and to mark the occasion we had a celebration of sorts. Our office was cutely decked up as we had FUN performances lined up! With an enthusiastic host and an over-enthusiastic bunch of employees, the PB squad was having a gala time. And to add to the excitement, awesomeness happened when The Parfait Co. sent us tubs of parfaits in mouth-watering flavours of belgian chocolate, salted caramel and passion fruit which were sinfully delicious *squeals in excitement*

Hear, hear; the celebrations have begun

Rachana represented her entire Marketplace Team and she did a fantabulous job.

The Warehouse Team took a detour from traditional dancing.

The Tech Team came up with a new song which is our PB Anthem now.

And then, it was finally time to open the parfaitsss and eat them. But before that, see the excitement on our faces 😀








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