Bros Before BFFS


So, it’s that time of the year when you go through infinite browsing just to get the right Rakhi for your brother. No matter if he is your confidant or punching bag, brothers are indeed the best beings. That being said, this Raksha Bandhan we decided to raise a toast to this beautiful relationship and celebrate the bond which we share with our brothers through these rakhis.


Veere Rakhi

Because who else can crack you up at your worst? This Veere Rakhi is for the best friend that you have in a brother.


Keychain  Promise Rakhi

This one if you trust him with all your secrets! There is an unspoken promise that he seems to maintain. He can also transform it into a keychain effortlessly and put it to use.


Infinity Rakhi

For despite all the fights you’ll have, there is still a timeless bond which will remain forever. This Rakhi will be the testimony for all those times.


Dumbbell Rakhi

If your Bhai is a gym buff and your personal trainer, this Dumbbell Rakhi is what you must get.


Personalized Rakhi

If your brother is a complete no frills person and has reminded calm in chaotic times, this Rakhi is to tell him how much you adore him.

gift box

Rakhi Gift Box

Don’t let distance deter your bond with your brother! Remind him of the nostalgic childhood memories you both shared by sending him this rakhi gift box.

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