The Key To Your Brother’s Heart = The Sweet He Loves

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Despite gifts being the best thing about Raksha Bandhan, we think sweets are second in line. If your brother joins you in the stuff-your-mouths-with-sweets-until-full ritual after every Raksha Bandhan pooja, then you like us take decided efforts on what sweet is kept on that thali. From overly indulgent to health conscious, we know all kinds of brothers and to pick a sweet that caters to their demands can truly be a struggle.

So here we are with our special Raksha Bandhan scoop showcasing our bunch of favourite sweets 🙂


Indulgent Bhai

Dripping in sweet sugar syrup, gulab jamun is an ambrosia of sorts. It sure is for the overly indulgent bhai who also loves our Personalized Fringe Rakhi. This brother takes his sweets seriously and wouldn’t mind asking for an extra serving.


One Sweet At A Time Badey Bhaiyya

Your badey bhaiyya loves sweets but tries to maintain a balance by eating the tastiest of the lot. Motichoor laddoo because who doesn’t love it and our Beaded Rakhi matches it too.


Conscious Bhaiyya

Is your brother a gym buff and always strays away from cloying sweets? Or does he always wonder about how many exercise routines he will have to repeat to burn everything that he has eaten during festivities? If yes, then getting him this Muscular Bro Rakhi and salted nuts from our Rakhi Gift Box will do complete justice to his health regimen.


Chota Bhai

Moustache Rakhi because he is still young and is currently obsessing over his no-shave look! And kaju katli because he absolutely loves it and the fact that despite eating copious amounts of them he still does not gain weight makes you jealous.


Sweet Tooth Bro

If he loves popping in candy at any given occasion, the PapaBubble Candy with our Personalized Name Rakhi would be the ideal pick.

Shop rakhis for all your brothers at Pipa Bella and tell us about their favourite sweets in comments below.

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