Raising A Toast To Anna Wintour’s Statement Jewellery Choices

Anna Wintour has been an editor-in-chief of the American Vogue for more than two decades now making her charisma her identity. With a poised walk, statement bob and black glasses; the celebrated journalist’s style has gathered much attention leading many, to emulate her style.

She is often spotted wearing nipped-in skirts with jackets and structured dresses that fit her thin frame impeccably but what Anna Wintour’s seldom seen without, is her choice of statement necklaces. From jewel lined collars to statement bibs, Anna Wintour wore them all throughout her career making necklaces her signature style.

Here’s a recollection of her best statement necklaces that we are totally archiving:


Here she is seen wearing a fiercely patterned coat with a matching honey-coloured stone necklace. Anna Wintour has a penchant for collet necklaces and we understand why as they have a vintage charm to them that swiftly match up to any contemporary outfit making it the choicest accessory.



A layered statement necklace with a patterned outfit seems like a good add-on but who could choose for three colours instead of one to go with a fitted dress if not for Anna Wintour? A styling as such will also look good with your blazer/ skirt suit ootds.



You will agree that a gorgeous flower motif adorned with pristine white stones makes for a beautiful necklace and Anna worked that beautifully with a beige dress. Despite having a labyrinthine neck design, the necklace sat still making the entire look work beautifully.



Seen here again is Anna Wintour off-setting a beautiful animal print with her choice of intermixed necklaces. Taking this cue, we like how a couple of otherwise elegant looking necklaces can create a statement look when bought together.



Anna is a regular at playing tennis, so much so that, she is said to reportedly play it every single day before heading out to Vogue’s office. This picture is testimony of her love for tennis and statement necklaces both as she cheers Roger Federer and is seen wearing another instalment of her assortment of necklaces.



Deviating from her signature style, we like how Anna has styled a charm inspired necklace with a pretty dress. It appears like a great way to add a mature touch to an otherwise younger look.

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Images taken from various sources.