Taking Cues From Celebrities For Our Festive Style


There is no dearth of festive time in India. Pick any time of the year and we will be celebrating something, but with so many occasions comes the need to dress up. And as the festivals here have already kick-started, we thought of delving in our celeb wardrobes and finding our festive favourites.

So here’s our list of B-Town celebs in the best festive looks that we covet and have paired with jewellery for you to accessorize perfectly.


Kareena Kapoor Khan’s fusion outfit is perfect for this festive season. The pop of blue with golden prints spread across looks great and will pair well with our Beige Cairo Necklace.


Deepika’s forest green sharara is a hit for any occasion. The elaborate golden work on the top and the deep color both blend in perfectly. Wear our Green Mafuane Earrings with this outfit to match.


Who said black doesn’t look festive? Take cues from Anushka Sharma and style our Vintage Floret Earrings with this look.


Saree is a festive favourite and this one worn by Shilpa Shetty is a culmination of modern and festive both. The yellow color and lotus print makes it our favourite. Complete your look with our Zesiro Bracelet to look trendy.


The style maven, Sonam Kapoor surprises us with her distinct sense of style every time. This pink kurta and flared pants ensemble is perfect for channeling the boho in you. Add our Fahed Ring Set to look absolutely pretty.

Tell us what your favourite festive outfit is and don’t forget to accessorize it with Pipa Bella Jewellery.

Celebrity images taken via various sources.

Nirali: The Design Genius


You might as well call her the one who creates magic, solely because, she does! Nirali remains unperturbed throughout countless edits and numerous creative changes making us wonder, does she ever really frown? Her cheer is contagious and her love for silver boho jewelry seems perfect for her to be working with us. After all this, she also creates fancy typography @mytypediary. Didn’t we say she is a genius already?

Know her more here:

Your style is?

Silver is my colour. Boho is my wardrobe. I match my clothes to my jewelry.

3 things you always have handy?

Kajal, A Calligraphy Pen, Phone. Always, in all my bags 😀

What inspires you?

Everything good inspires me. A good book, good food, good people! There’s so much good around us, but we somehow always look at the bad first!
And then the bad starts inspiring me to do good.

A song you are hooked on to?

It’s my mood that picks a song, not me! But I am loving Perfect by Ed Sheeran currently.

Tough times call for?

A good movie/tv show, sleep!

Ideal travel destination?

Too many to count. I have a travel plan ready till I die.
But Ireland and Norway top it!

A surprising fact about you?

I write. A lot. Stories, Characters musings, travel experiences.
(Also I hide it well!)

What drew you to Pipa Bella?

Honestly, it was Jewelry! And Pipa + Bella has taken my love for it a notch higher.

Your best-loved jewelry item at PB?

My Vintage Floret Tassel Earrings. I can wear them with anything, on most of the days!

PB Travel Journal: Santorini


Pristine waters and clear skies welcomed us at Greece making us a happy bunch of people. While marveling at the white and blue buildings dotting the coastline, we lost count of how much wine we drank. Think soul quenching food amidst picturesque sunsets, yes all of that with our jewellery for company 🙂


Basking under the sun with our Do Not Disturb Hats to get that beautiful tan. Shimmying around in tassels both on our ears and bags. Overlooking the blue horizons in our best swimsuits. Shopping from the cheery locals for anything and everything that we could possibly glance on. And basically creating pseudo instagram perfect pictures to flaunt on later. Much fun happened on this trip and oh, you can now get our Vacay Perfect Jewelry and flaunt it too.



Love Tassels and Pom Poms Much? Know Which Style Is Best Suited For Your Fashion Personality!


No amount of muted talks and hush-hush banter could keep our love for tassels and pom poms under wraps and we are sure so has been the case with you. We may have come a long way by wearing only a single extension of tassel last season to an entire trail of them this season, but we still haven’t had enough and are finding ways to wear it oftener. Another element that joined the bandwagon much later but quickly became a rage by catering to the colourful accessory needs of people were pom poms and we have only been glad to welcome it as an addition.

We previously showcased how tassels and pom poms could be the main elements of your everyday wardrobe but we still haven’t run out of ways on how you can further indulge in these beauties. Which is why we planned to break them down as per your fashion personality type. Want to know how? Read on:


As the name suggests, you are more into pastels and vintage finery. A solid black or dark hue can be made beautiful with lace like prints and old-school intricacy for you. Neutrals and subdued colours are what you usually choose and so our pick for you are these pretty Pink Lagoon Pom Pom Earrings that will intersperse beautifully with your wardrobe choices.

Price:  INR 999

Buy earrings: http://bit.ly/2nEARym


Your style suggests no-fuss! You stick to the classic route and pared down colours somehow seem to make a way into your ensembles either through outfits or accessories. The Cindra Tassel Earrings seem to go perfectly well with your style as they will be a great extension and will also add a subtle touch of drama to your much-muted demeanour.

Price: INR 1099

Buy earrings: http://bit.ly/2nEuAmh


The Burano Earrings seem to be the ultimate pick for those who are unafraid to showcase their choices and look no further for approval if they themselves are convinced. The colour palette of these earrings reminisces with the personality of the statement-making person and hence appeals instantly.

Price: INR 999

Buy earrings: http://bit.ly/2n10M00

Art Deco

Art lovers see, make and wear art and that remains no secret. As for their personality, it is quite likely that their choices vary from the rest of the lot. They embrace art deco finery and will never hold themselves back from trying unique and unspoken things which is why the Harlequin Tassel Earrings seem perfect for them.

Price: INR 1099

Buy earrings: http://bit.ly/2nL7RoZ


Then there are some whose choices revolve around earthy and nature-inspired tones. Their stability and rooted personality reflect deeply in their fashion choices and that is what sets them apart. From dreamy greens to luscious azures this Maldives Pom Pom Ring has been designed just for them and will be liked by all boho girlies alike.

Price: INR 699

Buy ring: http://bit.ly/2n8XPJZ


Know someone who always exudes Marilyn Monroe vibes, yes that contagious ardour that can only bring admiration? This Black Pom Pom Choker is surely made for such kind of personalities. These people are bold, dauntless and will not shy away ever from showcasing the world their true self because they are perfectly capable of handling their uniqueness.

Price: 699

Buy choker: http://bit.ly/2mLxK8u

There, there, we hope we have helped you in some way. Now, go ahead, choose and tell us about your selection as per your fashion personality 🙂

Outfit images taken via Pinterest.

Trending Accessories For Valentine’s Day 2017!


You think it’s too early to decide on Valentine’s Day gifts? We don’t, because it will be a nice way to surprise (read impress) your sweetheart by being prepped up in advance. This may lead you to rack your brains through gazillion choices, so that you arrive at one which your girlfriend will cherish. It may currently pose as a potential challenge, but don’t be perturbed.

We are here to offer
you something that no girl says no to. Yes, jewellery! It may sound too obvious
but we are not talking about a dainty stone stud, instead we are asking you to
present her with a piece of jewellery that will become an extension of her
personality. Interesting, right?

Here’s a quick list of
jewellery options for your girlfriend that you can pick from:

Bling Lover


If your girlfriend is
perpetually spellbound by all things crystally and covets bling like nobody
else, then a sparkly bauble is exactly what you need. Get her a gorgeous
necklace that she can wear with her winter essentials or give her a statement
piece for her slay-worthy evening dresses!



Is she someone who
loves her minimalistic designs and is always seen sporting them in some form or
the other? If yes, a pair of structured earrings may just prove to be the ideal
pick. She can surely flaunt them with her wardrobe staples.

Style Diva 


Does she usually stand
out, love bling, and high fashion? If that’s your girl then mediocre jewellery
may not fascinate her, instead a head-turning cuff bracelet will do the needful.
Also, you might earn extra points for putting together that classy street style
diva look that she has been aiming for.

Boho Lover


If you find your girlfriend’s very rooted to nature and she
carries that I-will-try-anything-at-once vibe, then she is a true boho.
Feathers, tassels, cute blingy things may all just fit the bill perfectly when
it comes to getting hair accessories for her.

Go ahead, indulge and get the best bauble for
your girlfriend! We have also introduced something special for Valentine’s Day
called “The Love Box.” You can check it out here: http://bit.ly/2inmS9G