Jewellery For Pet Lovers

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Always wonder what your pet is staring blankly at, through the window? Does your instagram feed have rows and rows of pet pictures? Whenever you are out shopping, you never miss out on getting special treats for your pet? If you have answered Yes to all the questions, then you are a certified Pet Lover and these jewellery pieces are made for you.


Paw prints because we are obsessed with them. Get our Charm Bracelet with this cutesy paw print charm and shower some love on your pet.


This sterling silver Dog Pendant is made in the perfect silhouette and will shine with all those cubic zirconia stones. That, your pet will keep wagging his tail happily at you and jump around like crazy after seeing this, will definitely be a worthwhile moment.


Get your pet’s name etched on this Personalized Pendant to seal the eternal love you behold for him/ her. You can also customize it in Silver.


For cat lovers too we have a souvenir! This sterling silver Cat Pendant will sparkle thanks to its cubic zirconia stones and can easily become your everyday accessory.


And lastly, for all those who love tending to horses in their farmhouse, get this gorgeous stallion charm with our Slider Bracelet.