We Wish All Fridays Look Like This!


When the week is about to end and the motivation to work seems to dwindle, we at PB decide to party. And by party, we mean go out and binge on food 😀 While at that, we also flaunt our favouritest baubles and click some fun pictures for you to get a sneak-peak of them.


Our Bracelet Set matched our Junior Brand Manager’s striped ootd perfectly. It added the right amount of shine and class while Jamila sipped on her Lemon Soda happily.


Our Graphic Designer, Komal opted for Minimal Earrings! With a sleek look and symmetrical design, these earrings are crazy versatile and will hog on to the limelight with their simplicity.


Add a pop of colour with our Beaded Necklace and match it to your pizza topping just like our Content Writer, Prerna did.

Blog-image-ashnaOur Brand Manager, Ashna thinks of white wine and a Stone Ring as besties and so do we! Add the timeless watch routine to that and there, you have a Insta-perfect picture.

Shop from Pipa Bella and share your jewellery pictures with us too by adding #pipabella to your captions.

New Launch: Kaleidoscope Collection


Our newest collection brings to you the colors of the spectrum in a never-thought-before avatar. Think earrings in sparkling jewels, necklaces with silken tassels and bracelets with center stones that have pave outlines! All of these in pastels, deep and festive colors for every event or occasion!

Wear them jewels and strut in style.


Everyday necklaces that speak fine when worn simply and statement when layered! In colors ranging from soft hues to deeper ones, these versatile jewelry pieces will become essential must-haves.

grass bracelet

Bracelets with center stones have a regal aura and the ones in this collection were designed keeping that in mind. With clear and colored crystals lined in a pave set of white stones, these bracelets are those minimal statements that a girl can’t miss!

teal tassel

Tassel obsession is taken to another level with this collection of single and layered tassels. Choose from a range of ear tops and colors to give your summer outfit that extra party touch.

party trinkets

Party trinkets call for gorgeous drops and studded jewels and that’s what this collection has to offer. Full of classics, you will be spoilt for choice when asked to select.

green stone tassel

Lastly, the combination of tassel and jewel is something we completely heart, so we thought why not put it together in a necklace? Wear this with tunics, knit tops, summer dresses, shirts or almost anything to give your outfit a fun twist.

Browse through our Kaleidoscope Collection and get your hands on, as many pieces as you can.

We Are The Women!


Today being International Women’s Day we are reminded of this quote by Twinkle Khanna, “Women have been looking for a cape and have been handed an apron for centuries.” It took longer but we have eventually realized that all we need to do is swing that apron around and let it flutter down our backs. That, even if patriarchy tries to stifle our voices, we shouldn’t be bothered and still continue to fight for what we believe in and eventually make ourselves heard!

Honestly, it’s not just now; women have realized their potential and have been proving themselves since centuries. Don’t believe us? Well, we have an account of 4 such kickass women extraordinaires who make us proud. Here’s us celebrating them with our Women’s Day Special Quote Pendants.

night witches

The Female Fighter Pilots of World War II a.k.a Night Witches

They were brave, they were feared and they were known as the Night Witches. Any German pilot who defeated even one of them was rewarded an Iron Cross! Such was the scare of these powerful women who flew planes of plywood and canvases with open cockpits, primarily in the night dropping an estimate of 23,000 tons of bombs invading German armies. They showcased true grit and our GirlPower Pendant celebrates them.

right to vote

Leader of the British Suffragate Movement – Emmeline Pankhurst

She made Women’s right to vote her mission and inspired thousands with her powerful speeches. Such glorious was her practice that her two daughters Christabel and Sylvia also became dedicated suffragettes. Our SelfMade Pendant joins hands with their outshonement  across history.

rani laxmibai

Lakshmibai, The Rani of Jhansi

The first prominent woman freedom fighter who decided to fight than surrender! With her son on her back, this queen participated in the first freedom rebellion and though remaining defeated; she will always be remembered proudly. Our BossLady Pendant glorifies her timeless courage.


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Her stentorian style of writing and speaking garnered her immense fanbase. She speaks fiercely about feminism, gender construction and urges us to remake ourselves for the better. She is the voice of today and we celebrate her with our Flawless Pendant which resounds with her ideologies of a woman who is in charge of her own destiny and will continue doing her thing.





Why Personalized Pendants Are Huge This Season?


If you are an admirer of delicate jewelry then presume away that you are about to love this upward trend. We have our statement earrings to look our flashiest selves on all those party nights but to accessorize for quite family dinners?

Think of a refreshing take on personalized jewelry and focus on what’s going to dangle around your necks. An initial, your name or a quote, wear it all with your basics and gear up this holiday season. To take cues, look at these celebs:



The diva opted for the latter half of her name and flaunted it with some bling. She made a statement by wearing a whole lot of pendant necklaces and treating her personalized necklace as a part of the stack too. Could work well with your party look.

selena gomez

Selena Gomez

Here, Selena Gomez was spotted wearing a quote necklace and we think this dainty accessory will style well with your basics. Medium sized hoop earrings or studs and a necklace with a quote you believe in will act as classy accessories for a quite dinner.


Bella Hadid

This delicate yet pretty customized necklace looks chic. Bella Hadid is known for her vintage inspired feminine style and this one too wins in all regards. Great way to accessorize for brunches or house parties.

lucy edit

Lucy Hale

A great way to wear your personalized pendant could be by layering it in style like Lucy Hale. Choose a dainty charm pendant and wear it with your initial customized pendant. It can easily become your everyday accessory too.

Feeling inspired already? Try making your very own customized jewelry at Pipabella.

Tips On Packing Jewelry For Travel


As the holiday season is quickly approaching, most of our decisions circle around newer destinations to visit. Be it a exploration trip abroad, a boho-esque road trip or a totally chill one at the beach, everything calls for efficient packing. Last minute hustles may not always result in the best outcomes so it’s ideal to plan everything in advance.
Since you have to travel light, clothes may take up most of your space however it does not mean that you shouldn’t carry jewelry. The key however is to travel with inexpensive pieces for obvious reasons. However, what to carry can totally change your vacation accessory game.
Carry a single statement necklace as it will instantly up your most basic looks and extend a renewed look to your silhouette. Wrap it in a piece of cloth and secure it with a clip so that the crystals/ stones stay put.
Take a pendant and long chain with a charm so that you can layer them with your chokers. On a vacation, you are free to experiment and it’s best to carry some basic jewelry and play around with it. String each chain through a straw to avoid de-tangling. You can also store them in a ziplock and leave the last end out for easy removal.
Pack a couple of statement rings and a ring set which will help you accessorize your look without much trouble. Get a tablet storing case and store your rings separately. The thin case does not occupy too much space and sits in your bag easily too.
Carry studs, danglers and a statement pair of earrings as they will all help you transform your ensemble. Also, we are experts at losing ear posts, so to avoid all of that and to keep them together, hang or secure them in unused buttons. Yes, we know this hack is pure genius!
Take a couple of bracelets with you which you can use to accessorize as per the event. Cuffs to stack, strands for a casual outing and bejewelled ones for parties. To store them however, get a karabiner and put them all together. Hassle free and non-space consuming!
NS Bags
And, if you want to carry it all in a compact case with your makeup, get one of our dainty NS for PB bags and make storage look pretty 🙂

Know Your Zodiac Horoscope


We are all a little guilty of reaching out to that area of the magazine/ newspaper that has the daily horoscope. Not that we fashion our day around it but the curious us that we are makes us highly inquisitive about what that day’s horoscope has in store for us.

As years progressed, we found our traits synonymous to our sun signs making us subtle believers. Which is why we have crafted a range of all the 12 sun signs in 18K Gold and Silver Plating that can be worn by anyone.

Also, to add a different spin to the usual forecast, here’s our fun scope:


Aries (The Ram)

Fiercely staunch about what you have achieved, Aries people remain unfazed. Infallible in your make, the ram’s horns mark your distinctiveness. You have forever known what you want and that is what makes you a leader. Sometimes though, your extreme loyalty towards yourself might invite dislike.


Taurus (The Bull)

There is no graph to your emotional chart. One moment you are high up feeling elated and the next moment you have buried yourself under the ground. You aspire happiness but all your relationships are torrid. You often analyze and sometimes assume conclusions of situations that didn’t happen in the first place.


Gemini (The Twins)

People with this sun-sign have two sides which sometimes even they are not aware of. Others may complain that you behave differently with different people but that should not come as a surprise. You ensure that everything is fine and in your control by speaking to yourself out loud.


Cancer (The Crab)

You are that mind-reader who may or may not know what is currently happening with your own self but will definitely know what others are feeling. Extremely sensitive to the world, we might as well claim you to be the eternal matriarch. You are capable of creating your own sustainable ecosystem with a “WELCOME ALL” doormat.


Leo (The Lion)

Attention seekers in all rights, Leos fear modesty. Like the lion, you like to sit on the throne and be heard by everyone. Never one to back away from voicing your own thought, Leos have very high standards which no one can usually match.


Virgo (The Maiden)

Virgos have OCD as their prime motive. Their instinctive behavior is to clean every visible object twice single-handedly because they don’t think anyone else can do a better job than them. They are habitual naggers and their follow-up skills are beyond question making you pull out your hair.


Libra (The Scales)

Librans are parallelly reliant! Meaning, others have to listen out to both your sides before suggesting something. Your thoughts hop, skip and jump making you easy to mould but difficult to stay. You are well-updated about the current scenarios making you a naturally born news-teller.


Scorpio (The Scorpion)

You are always up to something. Anything that will stir your interest and spice up your personal life makes you feel alive. You want to achieve fame through ways which may not humanly exist. Being a Scorpio, you replay situations so many times in your minds that you often forget what you had lied about.


Sagittarius (The Archer)

The Archer in Sagittarians makes you risk-takers. You are extremely adventurous taking everyone by surprise. Looking always hip, you naturally evolve into trend-setter. You care but not in the traditional way resulting in your unique being.


Capricorn (The Mountain Sea-goat)

Aiming to achieve higher in life always, Capricorns are known pioneers. If someone puts you in a difficult situation you will emerge as a successful torchbearer. Not one to accept defeat, Capricorns can push the most laid back person to think and act. Always hustling, your species is the reason why the world jolts suddenly.


Aquarius (The Water-bearer)

Extremely comfortable in your own selves, Aquarians are dreamy and live in their own worlds. You start a conversation but are perfectly capable of losing track and transporting yourself into a separate thread of thoughts. You are open to everything and may often be termed as reckless.


Pisces (The Fish)

Pisceans flow like water in their thoughts so much so that you yourself find it difficult to stop. Other-worldly mythical creatures, stars and obscurity attract the attention of Piscean people. You are clearly not from this world and no amount of logical talks makes sense to you. Your strong intuitive skills are what you need to thank for being alive.