Zinging Up Workwear Jewelry!


Think 9 to 5 jewelry in a trendy light! Subtle twists to the linear workwear jewelry while twirling it in to embellished silhouettes with cubic zirconia stones. That and some contemporary additions fashioned around the classic styles to create a whole new range.

Our new 9 to 5 workwear jewelry range comprises of all this and more. Read on to know what we have in store:



These pendants will remind you of intricate tracery and lacelike designs. The delicate vines encircle to create beautiful center pieces for your necklaces. Lastly, they are embellished with hi-shine stones to make them look spot on.



These pretty floral pendants will instantly brighten your workwear outfits. Their fine look is embellished with cubic zirconia stones making them minimal yet ideal accessories to be worn at work.


Heart Accents

Heart elements are always a favourite! Think minimal, entwined, dual and studded heart pendants that would be perfect to be worn with flowy workwear blouses or crisp white shirts.



These rings in attractive designs are great for those who love elegant jewelry pieces. Encrusted with stones on a solid sterling silver base, these rings are all you need to beautify your impeccably manicured hands.



If you are someone who always sticks to classics then these minimal accents are the ones you will love. Simply styled with stones to add that sparkle, these rings are perfect for monochrome or grey tone lovers.

Shop from our 9 to 5 Jewelry range and upgrade your workwear wardrobe.

Diwali Gifting: Jewelry


Because can there ever be any naysayers for jewelry? We don’t think so either!

Diwali gifting gets quite challenging and in an era where newer options boost by the day, it can readily become confusing too.

With a resolve to help while extending our love for baubles, we feel jewellery as always is our saving grace. From statement styles to classy designs, our range of jewelry has options for everyone to choose from.


From heavy Kundan styles to contemporary silhouettes, our Diwali Store houses a host of products for you to get your perfect pick. If you want a sparkle-heavy pair of earrings or a regal layered necklace, this is your place to be.


The Gem Bar is a range of classic designs that are perfect to be worn at work or as an everyday accessory. You can customize your style by choosing from any of the 8 gemstones and 2 color options to create an exquisite piece.


With a minimalistic approach and fine line design, this 9 to 5 range will please any professional.  It is basically where all workwear jewelry needs get resolved.


Made using the innovative 3D printing technology with wax casting, our La Boheme jewelry displays fine intricacy. Great for someone who likes floral and linear motifs!


These alphabet pendants are beautified with cz stones and are placed on negative space hearts making them an ideal token of love. For anyone who embraces minimalism and personalized jewelry, Love Letters would be perfect!

Lastly, if you want to reserve the option of choosing to the receiver, get them one of these Gift Cards.

Also, don’t forget to participate in our Diwali Contest to chance upon winning FREE JEWELRY!

Accessorize For Navratri



Navratri calls in for a lot of dressing up and chunky baubles no matter where you are going. Be it the shimmying dandiya/ garba nights or sparkling navratri parties, decking up in hi-shine is primeval. To join the spirit and to help you accessorize your Navratri outfits, we are here with our favourites:


Asymmetrical Silhouettes

If contemporary fashion is your thing and you love unique silhouettes, think asymmetrical tunics or high-low kurtas. To match up to your bold and edgy self, pair these Caspian Earrings to your look.



If you love vibrant embroidery when it comes to your Navratri outfits, choose an Anarkali or other flared outfit that is beautified with artful kachhi bharat or Lambani embroidery. Team up this look with our Safira Necklace which is an absolute must-have for all layered necklace lovers.


Lehenga Choli

For those who love to go all over-the-top when it comes to festivals, a shiny mirror smattered lehenga choli is the perfect garb. Our Inaara Mang Tikka is perfect for this embellished ensemble.



If you are a minimalist and always choose fuss-free outfits then a boat neck kurta with a flared pyjama is what you need. Add our Tarabiya Coin Necklace, in the end, to keep your look minimal yet trendy.


Also, don’t forget to order from us and participate in the Rangoli Design Contest. For more details, click here: http://bit.ly/2xzGP8L

Celebrity images taken from various sources.




New Launch: Ethnic Love


Come festive season and we all are found making frantic efforts to match the latest upward runway trend while styling our ethnic wear selections. Finding the perfect accessories seems another task all-together! To ease all of that and to add up to our already hoarded jewellery box, we have introduced an array of ethnic styles that range from silver coin jewellery to fringe accents.

Browse through them here:


Fringe Pretties

We basically want to wear fringes and tassels at any given occasion. Staying true to that, our Perizad and Nureen Earrings are gorgeously decorated with them to be ideal embellishments. Wear them with your off-the-shoulder choli-lehenga duo and shine.


Crystal Finery

Festive outfits and crystals blend together beautifully which is why these Gold Nafeesa Earrings seem attractive. Style them with your deep coloured sarees and simply slay.


Contemporary Silhouettes

Because don’t we love experimenting? A bunch of modern silhouettes like these Caspian Earrings can be for the ones who wear a reverse shirt with a plaid saree or simply want to add a modern upgrade to a fusion ensemble!


Coin Embellishments

We all have a little boho in us and whenever we get a chance, we delve in to that space. These coin necklaces are our way of accessorizing tunics and earthy asymmetrical silhouettes.

Inspired much to decide on your festive accessorizing already? Look through the entire collection here: http://www.pipabella.com/what-s-new.html

How To: Jewelry Care



We as bauble heads love our jewelry and take true pride in flaunting them. However we often come across jewelry storing or caring roadblocks that don’t get answered. To give you a low-down on those and to help you keep your accessories blinging for longer we suggest you follow these takeaway tips:

Keep away from moisture

Picture this, you are all set to step out for the party and in the last minute you feel your hair needs a tinge more of that hair spray. While you spray it, a spritz of it deposits on your gorgeous earrings. We all know what happens next! To avoid this,your jewellery needs to be kept away from any source of moisture be it face mists, perfumes, moisturizers etc. You should also not wear your jewellery while bathing or gymming because water and sweat can both ruin your jewellery. Do not use any chemicals to clean your jewellery as it may cause tarnishing.

store carefully

Always store your jewellery in separate zip locks so that they do not rub against each other and get discoloured. Layered pendants and earrings, tassels and pompom jewellery should not be folded and kept to retain their shape. If need be, you can wipe your jewellery gently with a soft cloth or cotton after every use to ensure their longevity.

Don't leave them out

Jewelry worn under sunlight for an extended period of time causes it to tarnish.  Also it often happens that you have left jewellery out on the dressing table after reaching home tired from a party. While it’s okay if it rests there for a while, it’s absolutely not advisable to leave it there for long hours as it may cause blackening of the metal and cause stones or crystals to falter.

keep chains

Apart from being difficult to detangle, entangling of chains also results in tarnishing. To save yourself all the extra effort, you need to first drop the pendant in the zip-lock bag and then let the chain go in with only the lock and extensions out, zipping close the bag. This way, when you need to wear the chain, it will be easy to remove without any knots.

There, there we hope you never have to let go off your favourite baubles due to tarnishing problems anymore. Also to keep increasing your jewellery collection, you can shop here: http://www.pipabella.com/

LFW Style: Masaba’s Madagascar


Masaba Gupta’s fashion has had us all gaping at the myriad prints and splatter of colours. From candy pops to Tamil scripts she has showcased them all bringing Indianess to modern silhouettes with renewed vigour. Sticking to her uniqueness, this time too the talented designer displayed her “focus on mood” theme with prints that will resound to the Madagascar vacation you long to take.

A look for every occasion, Masaba’s LFW 2017 collection was surely something that has to be archived.


This stunning gown with a shimmery crescent embellishment is the perfect evening fix. To match the minimal extravagance, our dangling Ashlynn Earrings seem best.


With Palm Springs all over it, this breezy dress is what you need for your evening shimmy. To offset the subtle hue, our Multi-Stone Layered Necklace seems perfect.


For those who want to make a bold move, this neutral corset saree is every nuance woman’s dream. Our Ibis Earrings should prove to be the ideal pop of colour for this ensemble.


This dreamy lehenga choli attire has princess-ey vibes that anyone would love. The falling off-the-shoulder drape is the highlight and for those who love minimalistic hues, this is the perfect wedding attire. Our High Shine Chain Necklace is the perfect embellishment for this look.


This gorgeous gown and overlay is perfect if you want to make a statement with your style. The sole shimmery embellishment offsets the deep color beautifully and the overlay acts as a softly blending drape. Our matching Crystal Earrings seem like a good idea.

All images taken from: https://www.vogue.in