Because It’s Summer And We Are Matching Our Baubles To Ice Cream

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An instance of a glorious summer sun shining right atop your head, just makes you crave for a creamy mix of your favourite ice cream these days, right? Then you may be one of us because we absolutely heart ice creams and apart from finishing gallons of ice cream tubs, we once in a while opt for a humble, single scoop serving. Why do we do so, you ask? Well, because we love to match our baubles to ice-cream and it also gives us a good chance to capture an Instagram worthy image. 😀

Can you do it too? Of course yes!


Icy Freeze

What can be better than icy blue ice cream in this heat? A cool blue choker obviously! Style your look with this Oceanic Blossom choker, decide on how to look picture perfect, pose and don’t forget to do all of this before your ice cream melts.

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Sunshine Bright

Why opt for a single scoop when you can choose double? Match your ice cream and your jewellery to the summer sun with this pretty Daisy choker and set an example of how fashion meets food.

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Vibrance Overload

Ice cream with toppings? Yumm. Add gems, colourful breakfast cereal, edible confetti and make your ice cream an art piece. Pair it with our colourful Harlequin Statement Earrings and own the street style space.

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Sorbet Vibe

Love ice cream that looks as fresh as your fruit? Opt for a ripe red gelato and serve it up with a cocktail ring which looks nothing less than a studded wonder. There, there; we think you have got a perfect excuse to pull up anywhere and take a picture.

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Mulberry Dream

Because didn’t Joker from The Dark Knight pull off a purple pant suit look with much sass and teach us how to fall in love with this colour? Get this bejewelled minimal bracelet and surprise everyone standing in the ice cream parlour by matching it with your mushy purple ice cream.

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Tell us which other ice cream flavours you tried in an attempt to match our jewellery and don’t forget to tag us in your pictures! 🙂