Paying Tribute To The Mahatma With Our Karma Bangles


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was an embodiment of extreme loyalty towards the nation and was someone who quite actually changed the face of India’s freedom struggle. A stalwart of kinds, he instilled newer beliefs by campaigning non-violently and making satyagraha his impending weapon. Today on Gandhi Jayanti, while the world celebrates it as the International Day of Nonviolence, we are celebrating his domineering spirit through his quotes and our karma bangles.

He surely had a quote befitting for each one of us and to go with that are our karma bangle stacks for your daily bit of motivation.


The Game Changer

This quote is for someone who is determined to bring about a groundbreaking change in the face of reality. Be it with their actions or thoughts, you will definitely make a revolution of kinds. Here’s our pick of karma bangles for you: Rose Gold Plated Good Vibes, Sterling Silver Plated Choose Happiness & Real Gold Plated Be The Changer.


The Learner

Every day is a new beginning and you live one day at a time. Learning comes naturally to you and you see every situation to be a gifting experience. Our Karma Bangle stack for you includes: Rose Gold Plated Live Laugh Love, Sterling Silver Plated Brave Heart & Real Gold Plated Be Fearless.


The Doer

You are someone who believes in achieving through and through. A planner by nature, you are unstoppable and won’t rest until you get what you want. Your Karma Bangle stack consists: Rose Gold Plated Slay All Day, Sterling Silver Plated Never Give Up & Real Gold Plated Hustler.


Peace Bringer

You believe that there is no greater force than love and it is enough to make the world a better place. Peace is your mantra and you practice and profess it diligently. Your set of stackable Karma Bracelets are: Rose Gold Plated Love, Sterling Silver Plated Hope & Real Gold Plated Faith.


The Fighter

No matter what, giving up is never your thing. Fighting through every situation like a true warrior and rising as a pheonix is definitely what you love doing. Our Karma Stack for you has: Rose Gold Plated Believe, Sterling Silver Plated Warrior & Real Gold Plated Choose To Shine.

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