PB Travel Journal: Seychelles

Talk about distant travels and we are all ears. So much so that, when Nikita from our team visited Seychelles with her family, she couldn’t stop raving about it. She described it as one of the most stunning places because it’s serene, beautiful and is filled with amazing locals. Crystal clear waters, stunning food and some scenic views is how Seychelles will welcome you. We couldn’t stop taking notes on some favourites that she highly recommended.

EAFF05A7-4D17-4C9B-9F04-28F230F297DDWhat to look out for?

Definitely snorkeling because it is life-changing. Swim amidst gorgeous fish and take memories back to tell stories later. Island hopping is another fun thing to do with breath-taking views of course. There’s also a plethora of bird and animal species that you would want to snap some photographs of. You will also find some cute tortoise who are loving and soothing creatures in general.


271D5D00-5C8D-4F60-939C-668CF24F0605Where to stay?

La Digue Island Lodge because it is located amongst exotic coconut and takamaka trees overlooking the serene Praslin Island. Patratan Village is another place where you can stay because it is located high above the ocean. Sea kissed breezes and beach bound hair is all you will have.

A181C54E-16BE-4967-AEA8-E10743FCCC4EWhere to shop?

Visit Sir Selweyn Clark Market in Victoria. It has some colouful stalls that will simply stun you with diverse wares. Also, Kenwyn House is another place you must visit. There are some priceless gems you can admire at and an assortment of local artwork that you will definitely want to horde.


IMG_9334Where to eat?

Before that let’s praise Creole food. It’s simply delicious and you wouldn’t mind another serving. Go to Konoba for snacks or meals as they serve amazing seafood. The drinks here are vibrant looking and the view is so beautiful. Chez Marston is another place with a very welcoming host. They have an enormous spread and you can ask for recommendations from the host.

BeFunky Collage

We think Seychelles is a perfect place for a relaxed vacation. Tell us your thoughts.

6 Monsoon Essentials Every Girl Needs

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When monsoon arrives, all we need is a piping hot cup of coffee and endless hibernating mode on with some dreamy music in the background! But how we wish this could be true as that’s rarely what we get to do. Often enough we have to step out in the blaring rains where we are either saving our umbrellas from flying away or ourselves from dropping in puddles.

So to save you from all those mishaps and lend a tip or two, here’s how to be on top of the style game even in monsoons:



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A Sturdy Umbrella

A sturdy umbrella is what you need so that it becomes your shield and warrior both. Choose a vibrant one because isn’t it nice to have a hint of colour against the grey monsoon skies? A pretty floral amassment, contemporary checks or anything cutesy could be a perfect choice.



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Frizz Control Hair Spray

Apart from the cool rain breeze, we all dread the soupy air that lends unwanted frizz to our hair. The dampness in the air combines with our unflinching tresses resulting in frequent bad hair days. But a good frizz control spray can keep them at bay and you should definitely have one in your bag at all times.



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Good Footwear

A pair which has a good grip and is comfortable both is what you need in the torrential rains. Slipping and falling is the last thing we want to do in these rains.  So, avoid wearing heels and opt for footwear with flat soles and trendy prints to look chic. Rainy sandals and wellingtons would do.


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Waterproof Makeup

Because you don’t want to look like a Goth princess on your way to work. Opt for waterproof makeup and the lesser the better. A flick of eyeliner or a hint of kajal with fruity lip balm will help you look good and pull through the rains easily.



Image courtesy ~ http://www.wilko.com

Hand Towel

Isn’t carrying tissues a total waste in the rains? Always carry a hand towel at all times because getting damp in the rains is inevitable. One with an absorbent fabric is a must!



Image courtesy ~ https://www.jumia.co.ke

Protective Phone Cover

We are not saying don’t click pictures of the ombre skies but shield your phone while you do that. Get a protective phone cover and save your phones from getting drenched in the rains.

Tell us what would you like to add more to this guide?