Pinning Secrets for your Luscious Hair

Keep it simple, hassle free and stunning.  This season free yourself of sweating in the summer heat and save yourself from layering up tones of jewelry.


Be trendy while you embellish your hair with our fashion jewelry!
1) Grey flower choker necklace: A phenomenal flower lunch date look is something you should always watch out for. Unhook our Grey Flower Choker Necklace, wear it as a hair band and lay your hair over from the sides to hide the ends and there you are all ready!




2) Krysanthe Earrings : An exquisite hair-do for a fine dinner is all we want. Adorn your top-notch bun or a side braid with our Krysanthe Earrings!




3) Deborah Choker : Special Indian occasions are synonyms to dressing up and getting the Indian Attire on fleek is OH so important! Let us free you from the burden of accessorizing a gaudy Indian attire, wear our Deborah Choker as a headband and slay!




4) Frostine Ring: :  A statement hair pin in a versatile gold is perfect way to amp up your party look . Add our Frostine Ring to your side/ back bun or a braid and own your look!




5) Ula Bandana: Sunday outings?  Let’s be honest, we are just too lazy. Top off your lazy-casual day look with out Ula Headband and Ooolala 😉




The best thing is that you can use these product in more than one ways!We are sure we have solved your hair accessory  woes 😀


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Top 3 Hair Accessories To Amp Up Your Look


When Katherine Langford made an entry to the Golden Globes 2018 red carpet, what caught attention was her mesmerizing hairdo. The solidarity dress code played a stark contrast making her celestial encrusted hair look spectacular. She definitely inspired us to try this but we thought of more hair accessories to up your style game.

Here’s our scoop:


Sparkly Hairpins

Because they are great to instantly embellish simpler hairstyles! Pick a pearl or crystal one and twist a few strands from one side and secure them at the back with your sparkly hairpin. Tada, your side parting looks great.



Scrunchies are having a renaissance moment right now! They are super utilitarian and great for those sassy ponytails. High or low, scrunchies are truly your hair’s best friend because they don’t tug or pull.

Hair Band

Hair Bands

Hairbands are those fuss-free hair accessories that have always been making frequent runway appearances but are still fairly under the radar. Let down your tresses and secure them with a classic black hairband or choose a whimsical hairstyle and beautify it with a princess like hair band.

Want to try them out? Get shopping for hair accessories now.

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Rachel, Monica & Pheobe: Being Fashion Relevant Since 1994


F.R.I.E.N.D.S is one sitcom which is capable of helping you deal with any of your life problems. From Chandler Bing’s impeccable one-liners to Pheobe’s amusing antics, we have interestingly come to love all the 6 characters in the show (Janice and Gunther adding up to that list.)

While all of them have displayed various arenas of uniqueness, what we found interesting is how the female leads displayed their perfect sense of jewelry fashion. Be it Rachel’s prim and proper styles, Monica’s easy-breezy choices or Pheobe’s interesting art-pieces; here’s a toast to them staying relevant across decades:


Pheobe Buffay

Pheobe first, because she shares an extreme love for baubles just like us. Her distinct career choice itself explains the otherworldly interests that she holds. Every appearance of hers is sparked by a unique piece of jewellery that only she could pull off this effortlessly. We mean who wears an orange rose pendant necklace with an orange fur coat and orange earrings that match her blonde hair? Also, we have been major fans of how she twisted and turned while making half-up, half-down hairstyles a thing much before they became an upward trend! Needless to say, Pheobe wore anything from chokers to talisman rings to cutesy hair clips and made all of that look good on her.


Monica Geller

We have got to admit that somewhere at the end of the show Monica’s cringe worthy OCD made us all fall in love with her. Though she needed things as she saw them in her head, she was the eternal matriarch the rest really needed! She looked baller in oversized shirts but also gracefully transformed into a whimsical beauty as she wore demure dresses. Her jewelry choices though subdued always had a vintage-ey touch to them reminding how lovingly old-school she was. Monica Geller sometimes would also appear looking like an absolute vision in a lace camisole under a knit t-shirt and a statement necklace winning our maximum votes.


Rachel Green

A fleeing bride turned waitress turned fashion professional, Rachel Green surmised our beliefs of being just a daddy’s-girl. Her interest in fashion was notable as she always imparted her knowledge on what’s on or off the trend. Apart from her outfits, her hairstyles across the seasons garnered much interest. Though she always chose minimal accessories, she made sure they are according to her outfit. Remember that time when she appeared wearing white sneakers with her palm springs dress? We knew she was fashion forward since the time we were introduced to her character. Also, not to forget the sudden bouts of certain embellished choker or hoops that her character wore.

Feel like binge watching the series already? Count us in! And post that if you are inspired to buy some jewellery, without delay click here and start shopping:

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Jewelry Love: Game Of Thrones

PicMonkey Collage

Social media is abuzz with the latest installment of the Game of Thrones series and we couldn’t be happier. From making certified addicts out of those who haven’t watched the series to immersing ourselves in the incredible style diaries of several royal families; we are doing it all.

Did we mention that the hair styles no matter how whimsical they may seem, are on our everyday checklist! Talk about Margaery Tyrell’s perfectly wavy centre parted hair or Cersei Lannister’s pixie crop, we love them all. We are trying to emulate those with hair accessories to add that much-needed bijou.


Though Cersei Lannister sports a revamped look in the current season, we simply loved how her waves stayed unaffected like her demeanour in the past seasons. Think softly pinned wisps of hair at the back with our Castalia Hair Pin Set to achieve this look.


The fierce Daenerys Targaryen styles her hair in a partly warrior partly glam fashion. A trail of wisps decorate her face while a huge chunk of hair is twirled at the back. Our Crescent Moon Hair Pin will embellish this hairstyle brilliantly.


Arya Stark’s serious character calls for an equally serious hairstyle which is, in reality, easy to achieve. Smoothly halved from the sides all the way to the back, this hairstyle can be beautified with our Zelda Hair Pin.


The gloomy Sansa Stark’s look can be achieved with a centre parted pigtail fashion hair style. The rest of your hair can be loosely tied in a plait and secured it with Felicity Hair Band.


Margaery Tyrell’s princess like vibes had us marvelling at her beauty and brains both. We are still wondering on how to achieve the immaculate centre parted pin back waves but meanwhile, think that this Pearl Flower Pin Set will add a beautiful touch to this look.

Tell us which GOT character’s style do you like the most?

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Love Hair Accessories But Don’t Know How To Style Them? We’ll Tell You How

We all have our obsessions when it comes to accessories and hair jewellery is one space which remains much loved but less talked about. Hoarding cutesy hair pins, lace hair bands, fancy hair ties etc… is something that we often do but mostly dismiss using them in everyday use because we are at a loss of styling options. A humble twist and tuck or securing your puff with a fancy hair pin is all we now have all grown weary of it.

So to change that and to introduce you to some refreshing hair styling options, we thought of some really pretty hair styles that you can try with our hair accessories. See them here:


Bun Pins

We all love that era of vintage charm and cherish everything attached to that. Think long flowing silhouettes, flirty curls and embellished hair accessories! Recreate the aura by twisting your hair in an elegant bun and tuck the Talia Bun Pin to shine like a star from the era bygone.



Hair Pin Sets

Pearl, flower or bow hair pin sets are our favourite! They are cute, pretty and help you in making the simplest hair styles look chic. Take a portion of your hair above the ears and flatten it with one or multiple pins from this Pearl Flower Hair Pin Set. You can also create various sections and tuck the pins separately to create an interesting hair style.



Bejewelled Pretties

If waterfall plaits, fish plaits and all other sorts are on your must-try list, then you sure should style them with bejeweled pins. They are not only pretty but make your entire look regal. Plait a section from any side and secure it with this Crescent Moon Hair Pin to boast exquisite hair styling.



Nature Inspired Hair Pins

Feather, leaf or twig hair pins have been an upward trend in accessories since quite some time and it goes without saying that we adore them. If you are a nature lover, you ought to embellish your hair with this Branch Hair Pin. Twist the section behind your ear loosely and secure it with this hair pin.



Hair Ties

And lastly, those saviours who come to our rescue on a bad hair day! Get this Gold Hair Tie and glamourize your half ponies or plaits as it not only looks classy but exudes warrior princess vibes.

Try them all and tell us which one you liked the best. As for those who want to start growing their collection of hair jewellery can check here:

Contemporary Accessories To Look Up To…


We are self-proclaimed accessory addicts and that qualifies us to keep talking about baubles or that is what we like to think 😉 From necklaces to earrings to rings, we love them all and are always eager to try on the new baubles that are just in. Sometimes that means selecting our jewellery first and our outfits later and we won’t have it any other way.

While doing this, we are always welcome for experimentation and like to explore new styles when it comes to embellishments. Though there are so many new innovations that we always try to keep up with, here are a few of our favourites that we would like to see more often in the fashion circuit:

bun cuff

Bun Cuffs

You saw space buns dominating the hairstyle scene at Coachella and now you can embellish them with these bun cuffs. Choose a metal one to accessorize a single slicked-back top knot or pick an embellished crystal one to style your hair in a low chignon.


Palm Bracelets

You love wrist bracelets and rings both, so why not palm bracelets? Get a studded one and wear it simply to exude a minimalistic statement or team it with chunky rings and bracelet stacks to showcase your extreme styling.


Septum Rings

For nose pin lovers, this one is a must-have. Septum rings not only look elegant but are also a subtle nod to the eternal stylista in you. Get a plain metal one or an intricately styled one to exude style and fashion like never before.


Neck Cords

They were originally designed to protect your eyewear from falling but can now be viewed as potential style elements. We are not saying plain strappy ones but entirely crystal embellished ones or the ones laden with colourful tassels or pom poms. Fun enough and vacation perfect too!

We hope you like our curation of these accessories, tell us which one is your favourite?

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