See What The Women At Pipa Bella Are Pledging! #BeBoldForChange

International Women’s Day, which is today not only calls for a celebration but is also a remembrance of all the worthy ladies that made history and who are destined to make it in the near future. IWD allows us to reflect on the workings of the society, to collectively achieve equal gender roles and greater integrity.

In the midst of our “Take a selfie with a bold lipstick and make a pledge” contest on Instagram, we here decided to ask our in-house team members what #BeBoldForChange quote do they abide by and they offered us a series of spectacular ones.

Here you’ll see them flaunting their bold mantras with bolder lipsticks.

We all know it does and with likes of Malala Yousafzai and Michelle Obama inspiring us to be game changers, it might not be far before we all realize our individualities and walk this path.

Yes, let nobody dim your shine. Do your thing and always remember, haters gonna hate. So yeah, know that you are unbreakable and shine on!

Totally, don’t we all know that already? Like Margaret Thatcher said, “If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.” No, we are not overshadowing men here, but do you get the point? Yes, we openly proclaim, WOMEN ARE AWESOME!

Processed with VSCO with wwf presetYup, you heard that right! Let nobody tell you what to do, undo the shackles and break the prejudices. Be it fixing the faucet or leading the nation, precede and impact.

When did you think you never were? Banish all who told you otherwise. Dismiss those thoughts and renew your vigour because you already have what you need and nobody can stop you from achieving what you desire.

We would like to differ from a popular myth here because if we are equal halves, aren’t we supposed to save ourselves by fighting the devil or swimming in the deep sea? The modern warrior princess that resides in all of us is equal parts demure and fierce. We’d like to keep it that way too.

Lastly, A Happy Women’s Day to you’ll. May you succeed immensely and create greater histories.

P.S – Don’t forget to commemorate this day with PB baubles because we here are. 😀