4 Innovative Ways To Use Jewelry Trays


If you are anything like us, we are sure your jewelry cabinets must be overflowing but you still can’t stop yourself from buying more jewelry. Though we cannot help you with the latter, we can definitely help you with storing them in style!

While storing them in boxes seems conventional, we thought these cutesy jewelry trays will give your dressing table decor a quick upgrade To know more about their utility, read on:


Place Your Jewelry 

Sparkling crystals, glossy metals and everything in between can be tastefully placed on these gorgeous jewelry trays. Not only will they keep your jewelry safe but will also amp up your vanity space.


Store Other Essentials

Now we all know, safety pins and bobby pins get lost in some black hole. Also, isn’t it irritating when you are carefully trying to tuck in something but have to frantically search for a pin? Save yourself from all the hassle and place your pins on these jewelry trays so that you can reach out to them whenever you need.


Dinner Table Decor 

More often than not, we get bored with the same dinner table set-up. To add some color you can place these jewelry trays. Get the Golden Leaf and Cactus Tray and let your guests marvel at your style.


Medicine Holder

Make your bedside table look pretty with one of these jewelry trays by placing them atop. What’s more? Place your teeny medicine box or ointment tube so that you remember to consume/ apply it.

Was this helpful? Tell us more innovative ways of using jewelry trays. In the meanwhile, shop from our Jewelry Tray Collection.

Tips On Packing Jewelry For Travel


As the holiday season is quickly approaching, most of our decisions circle around newer destinations to visit. Be it a exploration trip abroad, a boho-esque road trip or a totally chill one at the beach, everything calls for efficient packing. Last minute hustles may not always result in the best outcomes so it’s ideal to plan everything in advance.
Since you have to travel light, clothes may take up most of your space however it does not mean that you shouldn’t carry jewelry. The key however is to travel with inexpensive pieces for obvious reasons. However, what to carry can totally change your vacation accessory game.
Carry a single statement necklace as it will instantly up your most basic looks and extend a renewed look to your silhouette. Wrap it in a piece of cloth and secure it with a clip so that the crystals/ stones stay put.
Take a pendant and long chain with a charm so that you can layer them with your chokers. On a vacation, you are free to experiment and it’s best to carry some basic jewelry and play around with it. String each chain through a straw to avoid de-tangling. You can also store them in a ziplock and leave the last end out for easy removal.
Pack a couple of statement rings and a ring set which will help you accessorize your look without much trouble. Get a tablet storing case and store your rings separately. The thin case does not occupy too much space and sits in your bag easily too.
Carry studs, danglers and a statement pair of earrings as they will all help you transform your ensemble. Also, we are experts at losing ear posts, so to avoid all of that and to keep them together, hang or secure them in unused buttons. Yes, we know this hack is pure genius!
Take a couple of bracelets with you which you can use to accessorize as per the event. Cuffs to stack, strands for a casual outing and bejewelled ones for parties. To store them however, get a karabiner and put them all together. Hassle free and non-space consuming!
NS Bags
And, if you want to carry it all in a compact case with your makeup, get one of our dainty NS for PB bags and make storage look pretty 🙂

How To: Jewelry Care



We as bauble heads love our jewelry and take true pride in flaunting them. However we often come across jewelry storing or caring roadblocks that don’t get answered. To give you a low-down on those and to help you keep your accessories blinging for longer we suggest you follow these takeaway tips:

Keep away from moisture

Picture this, you are all set to step out for the party and in the last minute you feel your hair needs a tinge more of that hair spray. While you spray it, a spritz of it deposits on your gorgeous earrings. We all know what happens next! To avoid this,your jewellery needs to be kept away from any source of moisture be it face mists, perfumes, moisturizers etc. You should also not wear your jewellery while bathing or gymming because water and sweat can both ruin your jewellery. Do not use any chemicals to clean your jewellery as it may cause tarnishing.

store carefully

Always store your jewellery in separate zip locks so that they do not rub against each other and get discoloured. Layered pendants and earrings, tassels and pompom jewellery should not be folded and kept to retain their shape. If need be, you can wipe your jewellery gently with a soft cloth or cotton after every use to ensure their longevity.

Don't leave them out

Jewelry worn under sunlight for an extended period of time causes it to tarnish.  Also it often happens that you have left jewellery out on the dressing table after reaching home tired from a party. While it’s okay if it rests there for a while, it’s absolutely not advisable to leave it there for long hours as it may cause blackening of the metal and cause stones or crystals to falter.

keep chains

Apart from being difficult to detangle, entangling of chains also results in tarnishing. To save yourself all the extra effort, you need to first drop the pendant in the zip-lock bag and then let the chain go in with only the lock and extensions out, zipping close the bag. This way, when you need to wear the chain, it will be easy to remove without any knots.

There, there we hope you never have to let go off your favourite baubles due to tarnishing problems anymore. Also to keep increasing your jewellery collection, you can shop here: http://www.pipabella.com/

Thinking Of A DIY Jewellery Storage? Here Are A Few Ideas

Image Source ~ http://www.brit.co

If your jewellery seems
to be overflowing from drawers, boxes and all possible crevices, or you have
become a pro at losing one earring from a pair, then it’s about time you take
jewellery organizing seriously. And by that we don’t mean you have to buy
expensive jewellery organizers, but rather make some fun accessory displays
that serve as storage.

We’ll tell you how!


Terracotta Stands


                              Image Source ~ https://in.pinterest.com

Firstly, get a bunch
of terracotta stands in varying sizes from a local potter and paint them in
bright colours. Make patterns or floral designs on them if you are feeling more
creative. Once dried, arrange them creatively on your dressing table and place
your chunky crystal earrings, rings, and pearl jewellery on these trays. Leave
a trail of your necklaces hanging, for that picture perfect dressing table

Pebble Hangers


                            Image Source ~ https://in.pinterest.com

Remember all those
perfectly rounded or shapely pebbles that you have been hoarding, put those to
use now! Choose a few pebbles and stick them to an unused wall area in your
room. Once done, hang your bead or embellished necklaces and get ready to
showcase your jewellery in style.

Copper Pipe Stands


                            Image Source ~ https://in.pinterest.com

Get copper pipes and
fix them to make a branched stand or create multiple stands of varying lengths.
Now slide in all your chunky cuff bracelets, necklaces etc. and display it while
making the space look prettier.

Peg Board Jewellery Display


                                 Image Source ~ https://in.pinterest.com

Creating a peg board
jewellery display will generate a serious DIY interest in you. Also if you love
those jewellery displays in shops, then you sure are going to enjoy creating
this one. Get started with a peg board, paint it in a pretty pastel colour and
make a frame surrounding it. Now, hang it on your wall and fix a couple of
hooks within the perforations as per your storage needs. Tie threads to the
hooks in parallel lines and hang your earrings in those threads. Now add cutesy
frames, cans and jewellery to complete your fancy display. Also we assure,
jewellery choosing will be a lot easier after this.

Lace Frame


                                  Image Source ~ http://bit.ly/2jZwolh

If fine lace is your
weakness and you always find yourself admiring at its intricacy then we are
declaring that this will become a favourite for sure. Choose a pretty lace and
attach it to a vintage frame, start with poking your stud earrings and danglers
and display it prettily on your table.

Trust us on this, your
friends will surely admire your creative side but you know where you got it
from. 😉 And don’t forget to fill these
beautiful jewellery displays with Pipa + Bella jewellery.