Team PB Resolution


What’s your 31st plan and what’s your New Year resolution are two congruent questions that cannot really be apart from each other for long. As the former part has quickly gone by, let’s focus on the latter part which allows us to set renewed goals for an entire year.

We at Pipa + Bella decided to ask a few members for their 2018 Resolutions and they have generously obliged:


“In 2018, I have resolved to be kinder to myself, others and the environment. I am proud to be a part of the millennials for all that we have achieved in the last few decades in terms of technological progress, but I do believe that despite our over-connectedness we have failed to focus on important social issues like discrimination against the other, promoting inner peace, and most of all showing respect to Mother Nature and all of its elements like the air we breathe, wildlife, marine life, etc. I think if we each make a little time everyday to change the status-quo, we can make far more progress as a generation!” ~ Shivani Pandya(VP Merchandising)


“I really want to travel around. So my resolution this year would be to plan my leaves better and travel more often :)” ~ Amoli Shah(Junior Merchandiser)



“Every year when I make a new year’s resolution , I follow for at least 1 week or utmost a month. Later I forget as the time passes, but this time I want to stand firm on my resolutions. So here are they:
1. To keep fulfilling my commitments because I usually forget them.
2. Become more disciplined about my work and health.
3. Spend less and save more  because I have been spending a lot of money lately.” ~ Aayushi Kambariya(Junior Front-end Engineer)

here and now.jpeg

Live in the Here and Now is my resolution. The present never returns and unlike the past, it’s the only thing we can change :)”~ Nikita Fernandes(Senior Merchandiser)



Work harder and party even more harder is my resolution 😀 ~ Ishaan Vandoor(Senior Customer Experience Manager)


Young woman practicing yoga in urban loft: Upward Facing Dog

My resolution for the new year is to get back to gym and not quit. Take care of my health and be absolutely healthy. ~ Sneha Prasad(Junior Brand Manager)

In addition to these resolutions, we have our resolution Karma Bangles for company 🙂

Go ahead, tell us what’s your resolution for 2018?


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Raising A Toast To A Great Year!


What a great year it has been! While we are reminiscing this year’s joyous moments, there have also been some hurdles that we have successfully overcome. Like we have always said, all this has been possible because of our awesome customers and wonderful team. With the festive cheer still lingering on, we want to step in 2018 with a joyful recollection of our favourite moments:


Customize Your Jewels

We wanted to give our customers the liberty to design their own products and create bespoke baubles. Aimed with this agenda, we launched Jewel Lab and Gem Bar where you can decide the color of your jewelry and create your very own unique piece.


Sterling Silver Jewelry

Pipa + Bella was started with the philosophy to offer jewelry to each one of you. By stepping in the realm of Sterling Silver Jewelry, we could truly explore and experiment with 9 to 5 Jewelry. Today’s working woman treats jewelry as a way of expression and we have aimed to portray just that with our finely crafted silver jewelry designs.


Karma Bangles

Karma Bangles have definitely become an integral part of us. We launched two installments of Karma Bangles in 2017, one being quotes and the other being resolutions which were both well-received.


Namrata Soni X PB

A gorgeous collection of in-your-bag pouches, convertible clutches and a vanity box was the result of a collaboration with the celebrated Bollywood makeup artist Namrata Soni. Armed with pretty florals and available in attractive colors, this NSxPB collection offers maximum storage space and is travel friendly too.

Shuchi Award_final.jpg


It was a proud moment for us when Pipa + Bella won the Google SMB Heroes Award and was listed as one of the Top 25 Startups by Singapore’s Startup-O Javelin Fund. We were also rewarded for Digital Women in E-Commerce.


More Fun Days At Work. Yayyy 😀

Because after all the hard work, we wanted some fun time too. So we collectively decided to organize more activities like Rainbow Day, Twinning Day, Quiz, Pictionary etc… and we have decided to continue this tradition further.

Lastly, here’s wishing you all a Happy and Joyous New Year 😀

New Launch: Karma Bangles


With the oncoming of every New Year, begins the ritual of deciding upon a renewed resolution. Maybe you aim on becoming fitter or plan on getting that dream job, but most often while deciding upon resolutions, we lose our focus from the simpler things in life.

So to nudge you a little and to remind you of those very same things, here are our 18K Gold and Rhodium plated karma bangles.


With the text This Year I Will etched on the back and finely enamelled resolution mantras on the front, these cuff bracelets can be worn simply or stacked.


You can choose from quotes like Forgive & Forget, Empower, Be Bold, Treasure Every Moment etc. and get one or many of these karma bracelets.


Select your quote from our range of Karma Bangles and flaunt your resolutions all year round.

PB Travel Journal: The Cotswolds

Travel Blog Cover

Road trips may usually refer to a bunch of friends immersing themselves in the beautiful roads of distant lands, but that’s not the case with Ashna. Our enthusiastic team member takes a yearly road trip with her parents and her destination this time was The Cotswolds. A two hour drive away from London, this place is populated with historical towns and medieval stone-built villages which were erected using the famed golden coloured Cotswold stone. Right out of a fairytale, this country side area welcomes you with its quaint creeks and picture perfect rapeseed farms.

Blog Images

What to look out for?

Picturesque market towns selling fresh local produce are an absolute must-go. Colossal manors and castles decorate the area making it poetic. Sudeley castle is beautiful and filled with antiquities recreating a bygone era. The area is also flocked by small chapels and pretty creeks. Cotswold is nearby Shakespeare’s birthplace, Avon so we definitely know where the greatest writer in the English language got his inspiration from. Another scenic place to visit is Arlington Row at Bibury which is considered as the prettiest village in all of England!

Where to stay?

Cheltenham town can be a good base to travel all around the Cotswold area. Oxford and Bath are two cities which are also nearby just in case you are planning to drive there. It is enriched with Georgian architecture and local Airbnb homes turn out to be pleasant homestays. They come with kitchens and you can also cook your own meal with fresh produce from cutesy kitchen gardens to your bequest 🙂

Where to shop?

As it is a rich country side area, you can always get farm fresh produce. Local honey, cheese and mouthwatering fruits seem rejuvenating buys. Daylesford is an award winning organic farm which offers a lot of things that you would want to take back home.

Where to eat?

There are a lot of tea rooms in the area but Huffkins in Cheltenham and Lucy’s in Stow-on-the-Wold top it all. Pretty flowers decorate the structure of these tea rooms and you can have an ideal English high-tea with cakes, tarts, scones & THE BEST clotted cream!

Definitely treat yourself to an authentic British Sunday Roast that consists of roasted meat with Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and gravy. Do try the Pimm’s Cup at Turf Tavern. It is the oldest pub in Oxford and has been visited by Elizabeth Taylor, Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton and the list continues.

Photo 14-04-17, 3 32 41 AM.jpg

Ashna flaunts her karma bangles with her tickets indicating she had a gala time at this trip.

Pledge Your Karma This Earth Day

We have all been feeling strongly about saving the environment and working towards creating a cleaner and greener surrounding. So, this Earth Day will be a good chance to do that, not only because this time the campaign is Environmental and Climate Literacy, but also we owe a lot to Mother Earth.

Though awareness about global warming and reforestation has been widely spread, there are many more arenas of change that need to be worked towards and brought about. To step in that direction and to re-create every initiative that has the potential to make our Earth better, we pledge with our Karma Bangles which are inspired from the very nature of Earth itself. #IMustExpress


More love towards nature because we have forgotten to treat it with tender care. It feeds and helps us thrive, and with that being said, what it deserves is much more than what we have to extend. With this karma bangle, do a good deed, spread love and start with selfless sowing of hope for a better future.


Maybe the idea of reducing the carbon footprint boosted and somehow died down but it is not supposed to be treated like a fad. Every act, every change and every action taken now will result in saving us from a global crisis that is speedily approaching us. Set apart and inspire to do your bit, save energy by putting off that computer when you are taking a break, treat water as a reserve and use it efficiently and do every single thing that you think is an act of saving the green.


We have been struggling with rightful disposal of garbage since many years now, and though we have fairly emerged successful in spreading the word, it has not been rightly implemented. As a result, there are humongous piles of waste that we have no idea how to get rid with. In order to keep that under scrutiny, let’s pledge to be the change and start with our own self first.


Lastly, always think in a way that benefits the Earth, because thoughts become things. Be it about saving energy, facilitating the reach of water in a parched zone or working for a cause that will bring climatic goodness; think, believe and do what will lead to the betterment of Mother Earth.

Share your Karma Bangles and pledge with #IMustExpress.

To learn more about the entirety of the different aspects that Earth Day encompasses, you can check:

Tips To Stay Stylish And Beat The Heat

Apart from arriving in colourful baubles at all places to daydreaming about sleeping in a hammock under the shade of coconut trees, what we also do is match our outfits to our accessories. Our jewellery preferences change every season which has led us in having a fashion jewellery treasure chest at our disposal and no we aren’t complaining.

We definitely put all of that jewellery to use by bringing together celebrity looks or off-the-duty-model street styles to create Instagram worthy ootds. So, in order to help you beat the heat and make your accessory choices a lot easier, here are a bunch of outfit ideas that you ought to try:

Boho Skorts

The ingenious concept of a skort offers you the grace of a skirt and the comfort of shorts. A printed boho skort can be a perfect summer go-to outfit if teamed with a light neutral toned blouse. A pair of our bunched Ibis Tassel Earrings will definitely look great with this look.

Shop earrings:

Classic Dungarees

Opt for a pair of short denim dungarees and team it with a basic white or black t-shirt. Graffiti, side-knotted or crop tops are some of the t-shirt types you can experiment with. Put your sneakers on and complete your look with this Dreamer choker to pull off a cool babe look.

Shop choker:

Floral Separates

Florals because they are our forever favourite! Get floral separates or a playsuit that blends best with the summery vibe, and team it with these Geometric Round Ear Tops that look classy and statement-ey.

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Maxi Dresses

The comfort and flowy grace of the maxi dress definitely goes unmatched and hence remains on the top of our summer outfit list. Pick a nature-inspired, tie-dyed or printed maxi dress and match it with cognac sandals. Finish off your look with a stack of our much coveted Karma Bangles to look street style perfect.

Shop karma bangles:

Denim Shorts

A pair of shorts with a distressed effect, an unfinished hemline or embroidery paired with a pin striped shirt or checks looks absolutely classy. Add this Silver Dot Wraparound choker to that look and transform your work wear shirt in to the ideal summer outfit.

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Knot Your Dresses

To give your regular dresses a transforming look, experiment by knotting the bottom in multiple ways. Now add a statement necklace to your look and style your hair in a side braid with open hair to look chic and classy.

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Tell us which summer outfits and accessorizing styles you like best.