How To Reuse Broken Jewellery?


How many times have you lost one earring from a pair and held on to the other one just because it looked too pretty to toss? Have a sea-load of broken accessories in your jewellery wardrobe because you thought you will put it to use someday? Welcome aboard, as we totally resonate with that and which made us think of some creative ways to use everything that you’ve hoarded.


Make A Brooch from a Fancy Ear Top

So, you own a fancy ear top with beautiful studs but don’t know how to put it to use? Firstly break the post, and fix it on a brooch pin. Ta da, your instant DIY brooch is ready. Wear it with your shirts and sweaters to bling them up.

hair pin.jpg

Pendant To Hair Pin

If you have a gorgeous vintage looking pendant and you no longer want to wear it as a necklace, you can fix a hairpin on the back and use it to embellish your whimsical hairstyles. If a low bun is your wedding staple, you can gorg up the center by attaching a brooch pin to the back of the pendant.


Broken Tassel To Beautify Your Kurta/ Top

A tassel necklace broke and you no longer know what to do with it? Remove all those tassels and stitch them to the ends of the strings on your drawstring top. Or jazz up the button panel of your kurta by stitching them all there. Fancy much?


Embellish Your Clutch

You own a lot of basics and so is the case with your clutches and pouches? It definitely won’t harm to brighten them a bit right? Get your choicest studs out and embellish one section by pasting them or poking them with pin backs all over.


Make a Tabletop Accessory

We all agree on how vibrant beads look, so if you have tonnes of colourful beads courtesy to broken necklaces and bracelets, make a fancy tabletop accessory. How? You can make a set of coasters using aluminium rods and beautify your dinner table decor. Psst They could be a great personalized gift set too.

Did these suggestions make you think of more creative arenas? Share your ideas with us in comments below. Meanwhile, if you want to widen your jewellery collection, shop here:

Images taken from various sources.