Sparkly Black Crystals To Jazz Up Your Make Up Looks!


You know what is synonymous to party? Our Black Party Crystals. Pick your favorite party crystal accessory and we are so sure that you will have a divalicious look! And want to know what’s better? We have come with some trending makeup looks to go well with the Party Crystals!

Black Consuela Hoop Earrings with Smokey Eyes –


Choosing the perfect accessories for the grand party nights with the perfect makeup look is at times nerve-wracking. Picking the Black Consuela Hoop Earrings on those nights is the best choice, all thanks to the classy crystals! And what better than bold and dramatic smokey eyes to glam up your look? Wear a nude lip and there you go girl, rock the party!

Black Lolita Rose Drop Earrings with Gold Highlighter –


We know how coveted this time of the year has always been and how much you love to dress up and party all night! Hence, our tip to you is, Pair the Black Lolita Rose Drop Earrings with your cocktail outfit and we love the idea of gold highlighter with a touch of red lips. The highlighter is perfect to give an ethereal glow to your cheeks, eyes and lips!

Black Frances Top Earrings with Red Lips –


We believe that the best way to achieve the ravishing and resplendent look is by pairing the Black Frances Top Earrings with Red Lips. The black studs embellished with crystals are perfect go-to accessories for the ones who like petite statement earrings. Choosing Red Lips will effortlessly make the look magnificent and iconic!

Black Diamantina Earrings with Mascara –

black-diamantina---mascara-look (1).jpg

Wish to give your outfit an amazing and sparkly look? The Black Diamantina Earrings will make for an unrivaled pick, this party season. These earrings are appreciable and eye-catching and thus pairing them with mascara will be the best makeup choice. The mascara will emphasize on your lashes and make them look fuller and longer, thus complementing the boldness of the earrings.


We are sure that our Party Collection will totally light up your look!

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Makeup Trends: Spring/Summer 2018


Be it baubles or clothes or makeup, fashion runways have forever been our source of inspiration to create and experiment. The recent Spring/ Summer 2018 display is where we tapped on to some timeless and resourceful makeup trends.

Currently hooked on to these top picks:


Golden Highlighter

Golden Highlighter

The glimmer was swept across cheekbones and eye lids for that princess-ey vibe at Micheal Costello. If you are a minimal makeup person and are past a smokey eye then this look is what you need.


Healthy Glow

Fuller Lips

At Alexander Wang, the models debuted with a fresh face and healthy glow. With pinker cheeks and balmy lips, this look will be coveted by the lovers of fuss-free makeup.

Dramatic Cat Eye

Dramatic Cat Eye

We have always loved a cat eye and with this rounded wing showcased by the models at Jason Wu, we need to re-think our eyeliner hacks. This one though is easier and will be comparatively well-achieved.

Tell us which makeup trend is your favourite in comments?

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