Zinging Up Workwear Jewelry!


Think 9 to 5 jewelry in a trendy light! Subtle twists to the linear workwear jewelry while twirling it in to embellished silhouettes with cubic zirconia stones. That and some contemporary additions fashioned around the classic styles to create a whole new range.

Our new 9 to 5 workwear jewelry range comprises of all this and more. Read on to know what we have in store:



These pendants will remind you of intricate tracery and lacelike designs. The delicate vines encircle to create beautiful center pieces for your necklaces. Lastly, they are embellished with hi-shine stones to make them look spot on.



These pretty floral pendants will instantly brighten your workwear outfits. Their fine look is embellished with cubic zirconia stones making them minimal yet ideal accessories to be worn at work.


Heart Accents

Heart elements are always a favourite! Think minimal, entwined, dual and studded heart pendants that would be perfect to be worn with flowy workwear blouses or crisp white shirts.



These rings in attractive designs are great for those who love elegant jewelry pieces. Encrusted with stones on a solid sterling silver base, these rings are all you need to beautify your impeccably manicured hands.



If you are someone who always sticks to classics then these minimal accents are the ones you will love. Simply styled with stones to add that sparkle, these rings are perfect for monochrome or grey tone lovers.

Shop from our 9 to 5 Jewelry range and upgrade your workwear wardrobe.

Fancy Wooden Jewelry But Wondering How To Style It? Learn More Here


As fashion jewelry lovers, experimentation with multiple elements is rife and more often than not we find one style to constantly crush on. Not that we are over all things sparkly and crystally, but this time around we choose to be more muted by embracing the colours of fall. Wooden jewelry being our subject of interest, for now, we are looking at styling this mattified element with our everyday wardrobe choices. To browse through ideas, keep reading:

wooden necklace

Nothing looks classier than a white on white ensemble and we are completely game for it at all times. Think a classic white skirt-blouse or cable knit sweater top with white joggers; smart enough to pull through any formal or casual event! Adding to that look, this Alameda Necklace will instantly do justice to your love for jewelry without breaking the minimalist look of the outfit.

wooden ring set

Because a natural toned wooden accessory will work best with a rust/ orange coloured ensemble. Pair a pristine white or dreamy blue top with an orange coloured bottom and style your look with this Pale Wood Ring Set to look chic and high on style.

wooden earrings

A classy black shirt with a pair of jeans is something so dynamic that you already may have a million ways to style the look. Try pairing our Wooden Pendant Necklace with this outfit and it will instantly add a touch of class with its matte wood and golden sheen.

wooden sole ring

Teaming checks with wooden jewelry can definitely be groundbreaking, adding another arena of styling to be experimented with. You won’t necessarily need statement accessories like a necklace or earrings but even a standalone Ellery Ring is enough to win compliments for your look.

wooden hair tie

Of course who needs styling for hair ties? You just wrap it around your ponytail or bun. But this Aspen Hair Band comes with a wooden button face that can instantly add a cutesy look to your messy buns when showcased on the side. You can also tie your fishtail plaits with it and keep your hair on the front to flaunt this wooden hair tie.

Have more looks in mind to style wooden jewelry? Tell us more about your ideas.

Plan To Store Your Accessories In Style? Get These Fancy Jewelry Storage Boxes

What do we jewellery lovers have in common? The incessant need of hoarding jewellery and the horror of losing or damaging it! While the former seems inviting the latter is an absolute no-no. Storage poses as a major challenge for us because it seems almost impossible to house in our ever increasing collection in one place and that results in losing or breaking a few precious ones.

While we all have accumulated numerous boxes and other storage options to keep our accessories, we never found the ideal one. Keeping this in mind, we here at Pipa Bella decided to put our collective woes to an end by launching this sassy line of Jewelry Storage Boxes:

The Minimalist Practitioner

This one is for those who own minimal jewelry and a few statement pieces. It is a perfect organizer as it comes with separate sections to arrange your smaller baubles and a lower drawer that has wider sections to store your statement pieces. With a handle and a lock mechanism, this one is easy to keep in your wardrobe or shelf.

Colours available: Pink Lemonade and Midnight Black.

The Compact Valise

Talk about jewelry suitcases and think of these pastel pretties that were designed considering your jewelry storage needs. With segmented storage space on the top, this one offers more sections to keep your jewelry at the bottom. With side locking system and a sturdy handle, you can flaunt this one while you are travelling 🙂

Colours Available: Coconut Cream and Carnation.

The Travel Trunk

Doesn’t matter if you travel light or otherwise because space is always welcome and it helps if your essentials eat up lesser space. This one is compact enough to easily fit in your travel bags while offering enough storage space to carry a few statement pieces and a couple of regular jewelry. It also proves as a great gift to the bauble lover who is always on the go.

Colours Available: Salmon Pink and Jade

The Glam Upgrade

When appearance comes first, vanity boxes like these come in handy. Its shape reminds us of something that has been synonymous to glamour since a long time and that makes it a desirable accessory. It comes with a top tray that offers different sections to store your earrings while the bottom part offers box like segments to store in your chunky embellishments. The lower drawer offers more storage space making it an ideal vanity case for jewelry addicts.

Available in “Melon Red” Color.

The Jeweler’s Trove

And finally, the massive storage box of accessories for that ever increasing pile that we spoke about initially. With 3 drawers and a top layer consisting of small, medium and large sections you can store minimal and chunky jewelry both. The side flaps also offer more space to hang in your bracelets and chains making it the perfect jeweler’s trove. Stylish and compact, this utilitarian jewelry box is a must-buy.

Colours available: Rose Gold and Bubblegum.

Shop them now: http://www.pipabella.com/jewelry-boxes.html