This Festive Season, Style Jewellery With Flowers!


Did you in any way think that wearing flowers in your hair is a thing of the past? If you browse through your ancestral pictures, you will always find a certain poised lady with a bloom tucked right behind her strikingly oiled hair or a lace of flowers across a child’s hair, like a band. Quite a classic right!

Taking inspiration from those times but zhuzhing it a little bit with fresh produce of the modern day, we decidedly put together our festive looks. Experimenting with hairstyles was a first for us but bringing in statement earrings and flowers helped us recreate a cross-cultural reference.


We never thought a humble fishtail braid can look this elegant! We tucked pink oleander blooms to pretty the look and matched it with our Afnan Earrings.


When you can’t decide on which flower to wear and want to adorn all of them, we recommend this look! Take a trail of gajra and spruce it up with a crysanthemum and rose to create a floral garden. That with our Anubis Earrings will marvel like nothing else.


Thought, you needed fancy flowers to deck up? Well, we’ll bust that for you because local produce looks pretty, is easy to store and quick to pin. Think blossoming marigolds or other yellows in this chignon with twisties and pair it with our Ubaid Earrings.


A classic bun doesn’t require much but fragrant flowers lined on the edge with a leaf or two! Resounds a painted portrait right? Glisten that look with our Ember Leaf Earrings and embrace the festive feel.

Let us know if you liked our scoop also, if you want to get all these featured earrings, shop them from our Festive Collection and Diwali away in style.

Jewellery Trends At Lakme Fashion Week Summer/ Resort 2017

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We are always waiting for the next installment of the Lakme Fashion Week and this one too, introduced us with enough styles to experiment all summer long. With neutrals being a prominent favourite and tassels spotted as a repeated embellishment, the designers showcased their geniuses in varied garments once again.

Like always, we keep our jewellery closer than our clothes and hence were keen on discerning innovative jewellery styles.

Read on to know what struck our attention:

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Breezy Vibes

The breezy colours and pastel tones at Eka by Rina Singh simply won our hearts. The models stood as a beautiful picture against the blue background and reminded us of distant paintings. Complementing the colours were the pastel drop earrings and fabric hair ribbons that we are planning to wear on sultry summer days.

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Rad Fascinators and Anklets

We don’t know if Urvashi Kaur took inspiration from the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party but it definitely seemed so. The fascinator hats made of watches and all embellishments you can never think of were definitely the star of the show. The wrist watches also served as stacked anklets and left us amazed.

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Assorted Jewellery

We couldn’t have missed the bauble play that was happening at Mira by Radhika Jain. Every embellishment was crafted with love and ingenious finery making it an archive full of inspiration. From chokers, to statement necklaces to waist chains everything was well thought of. Extra points for that mogra lined lacework above the eyebrows.

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Broad Chokers and Caps

Ritu Kumar stuck to luxuriant fabrics and classy demeanour, but what made heads turn was the distinctive styles of broad black chokers that the models wore. Some had center embellishments while other had trinkets. Accompanying the whole outfit were caps and hats of different styles that took the look to newer levels.

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Quirk Funk

Savio Jon’s line also served as great refreshment and the trend of layering necklaces was put to full use. Every outfit on the runway was accompanied with a distinctive necklace that only made us swoon. From beads to tassels to other details, everything added up to lend the collection a glorious presence.

A whole lot of hair accessories, danglers and statement chokers also paved their way at the LFW Summer/ Resort 2017 and have inspired us enough to hoard our jewellery wardrobes again.

Tell us in the comments, what jewellery trends from LFW got you interested.