Pop’in the Monsoons

With monsoons around the corner our wardrobes will turn to all the greys and blacks. But life is too short to wear dull colors! Do you agree?
Here we have some hassle free ways to add color to the monsoon gloom:


1)The Red Element: Not too much, not too little. Red is the perfect color to add a pop to your outfit and looks stunning with black. Pair Our Daisy Dew Crimson Earrings with your Red boots and kill the monsoon blues 😉






2)Be your own Rainbow: Beat the monsoon with a rainbow color umbrella and be your own rainbow with our Confetti Cast Cartwheel Earrings xD





3)Chic Elegance: Wearing a raincoat during this season will ensure you don’t get yourself dirty but it makes for such a boring look. Well if you pair your coat with our Pink Belize Necklace, it will take away from the monotony  




4)Wear it on your ears : It is the absence of the sun that is making us so gloomy. And the monsoon makes us wear dark outfits, ugh! Wear our Ra sun earrings and let the Sun shine on your ears 😉




We have got you covered for the rains!

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Looking Like A Frizz Queen Lately? Know How To Tame Your Hair Effortlessly This Monsoon!



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Though we all love the monsoon and wait eagerly to get drenched in it, what follows is a series of hair woes. Humidity combined with the rain water either leads to incessant hair fall or tenacious frizz. Though we cannot really stop the monsoon what we can definitely do is embrace some lifesaving hair hacks. Simple everyday measures can save a lot of damage that rain does to our hair and no, it is not time-consuming at all. Don’t believe us? Know more here:



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Wash Off Rain Water

Never let rain water stay in your hair for long. Letting the water stay can lead to excessive tugging and itching when you comb. Even when you get drenched, it is advisable to take a shower immediately so that all the rain water is washed off and minimal harm is done to your hair. Use a mild shampoo to untug all the knots first and then wash your hair gently.


Image courtesy ~ https://www.theodysseyonline.com/

Dry Your Hair Well

Just washing your hair won’t help as you will need to dry it well too. Damp hair and humidity result in many unwanted menaces and you sure don’t want to give rise to any. Even when you are on-the-go, always carry a soft towel with you so that you can dry your hair just in case.


Image courtesy ~ http://allswalls.com

Use An Umbrella/ Jacket

Always step out of your house with an umbrella or jacket, this way you can avoid the rain showers from damaging your hair. The waterproof fabric will not let the rain water seep in and direct contact of rain water with your hair can be avoided. Maybe it’s a little extra weight that you may need to carry but it will definitely prove fruitful for your tresses.


Image courtesy ~ http://www.wikihow.com

Regular Oiling Of Hair

Opt for good hair oil, the one that seeps in your scalp thoroughly and settle in to the habit of a good hair massage once a week. The oil will make your follicles strong and will avoid hair fall and breakage. It will also keep hair frizz in check.  You can oil your hair overnight and wash it next morning to welcome bouncy and healthy hair.


Image courtesy ~ https://in.pinterest.com

Eat Healthy

Though you may like to sip on coffee and binge on crunchy snacks during monsoon, cutting down on both is primeval. Instead eat sprouts, whole nuts, leafy vegetables and protein rich food to strengthen your hair. Drink green tea, milk or fruit juice instead of consuming coffee as excessive caffeine leads to dehydration which further results in hair loss.

Practice this and welcome glorious hair even in the monsoon 🙂

What are your hair care tips for monsoon?

Searching For A Monsoon Playlist? We Have You Covered


The sombre evenings along with the marvellous colour play of the skies make monsoons a favourite. We have often enjoyed a silent cup of coffee at a quaint café watching the rain drops hit the window panes or walked around the shores of a resting sea. To go with that, we always have a song to hum that totally gets us in the monsoon mood.

Staying true to that trend, we have come up with our very own Monsoon Jam which will help you get through these dreamy monsoons. From songs with low beats to some nostalgic ones, listen to them to drive away or embrace the monsoon blues.

Hear them all and tell us what songs are on your monsoon playlist this season?

Lastly, Happy Monsoons 🙂

6 Monsoon Essentials Every Girl Needs

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When monsoon arrives, all we need is a piping hot cup of coffee and endless hibernating mode on with some dreamy music in the background! But how we wish this could be true as that’s rarely what we get to do. Often enough we have to step out in the blaring rains where we are either saving our umbrellas from flying away or ourselves from dropping in puddles.

So to save you from all those mishaps and lend a tip or two, here’s how to be on top of the style game even in monsoons:



Image courtesy ~ http://newallphoto.blogspot.in

A Sturdy Umbrella

A sturdy umbrella is what you need so that it becomes your shield and warrior both. Choose a vibrant one because isn’t it nice to have a hint of colour against the grey monsoon skies? A pretty floral amassment, contemporary checks or anything cutesy could be a perfect choice.



Image courtesy ~ https://www.moroccanoil.com

Frizz Control Hair Spray

Apart from the cool rain breeze, we all dread the soupy air that lends unwanted frizz to our hair. The dampness in the air combines with our unflinching tresses resulting in frequent bad hair days. But a good frizz control spray can keep them at bay and you should definitely have one in your bag at all times.



Image courtesy ~ http://www.thesolitarywriter.com/

Good Footwear

A pair which has a good grip and is comfortable both is what you need in the torrential rains. Slipping and falling is the last thing we want to do in these rains.  So, avoid wearing heels and opt for footwear with flat soles and trendy prints to look chic. Rainy sandals and wellingtons would do.


Image courtesy ~ http://www.bestproducts.com

Waterproof Makeup

Because you don’t want to look like a Goth princess on your way to work. Opt for waterproof makeup and the lesser the better. A flick of eyeliner or a hint of kajal with fruity lip balm will help you look good and pull through the rains easily.



Image courtesy ~ http://www.wilko.com

Hand Towel

Isn’t carrying tissues a total waste in the rains? Always carry a hand towel at all times because getting damp in the rains is inevitable. One with an absorbent fabric is a must!



Image courtesy ~ https://www.jumia.co.ke

Protective Phone Cover

We are not saying don’t click pictures of the ombre skies but shield your phone while you do that. Get a protective phone cover and save your phones from getting drenched in the rains.

Tell us what would you like to add more to this guide?