My Mom Taught Me

A mother is not just a word. It is an expression for love, care, understanding and comfort. An institution in herself, a mother is a child’s first teacher. From teaching a child how to stand on their feet to teaching the child how to undertake the walk of life a mother is a mirror image of unconditional love; everything one needs to thrive in this cruel world. This Mother’s Day Thank your #Mombae for what she has taught you and let her know what she means to you

Here is #TEAMPB sharing what their mom taught them:








A mother-child bond is precious. Make sure you nurture it by giving your mother time this Mother’s Day and every other day!


KARMA BANGLES – A Gift For Every Occasion

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Jewelry To Wear When You Go Outing With Mom

It’s true! Your mother is your single most favorite woman in the world and a mother-daughter bond is like no other.
Planning a day full of fun activities with your #favwoman and don’t know what jewelry to wear? Here’s a list of jewelry you can adorn for different outings with your mom.

1. Out for sumptuous lunch date – Brunch, one of life’s little treats, a time to slow down, catch up and enjoy a delicious mid-morning meal. A time to get a little dressed up. Go with modern, upbeat, statement-makers like our Floriana earrings.



2. Sing your hearts out at a karaoke session – Whether you head out to your favorite bar or plug up your favorite songs at home, it is bound to be a fun experience. Style your favorite little black dress with Choker Necklace and layer it up with your own Personalized name pendants. This will surely give you that perfect edgy, eclectic look.


3. Take her out for Shopping – Shopping makes every woman happy. Take her shopping where you can grab a freshly brewed coffee and catch up on the recent fashion trends across different brands. You can also surprise her with a gift from her favorite brand. The vibe is fresh, fun and cool. Your look should coincide with this anything-goes vibe. So pile on the fashionable Charm bracelets and be on your way!


4. Movie Marathon – There’s something about a movie and popcorn that just never loses its charm. Find movies that you’d both enjoy and just forget about the rest of the world for a couple of hours. Keep it very casual at the movies with a white top and blue jeans, style them with our Basic hoops and studs.


I am sure we’ve sorted all your #MothersDay woes now!

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A Toast To All The Awesome Mothers

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On the occasion of Mother’s Day we would like to give you all a humble reminder of how our mothers are our ultimate heroes and have lent a part of them to us. While we have a lot in common, there are some things that we never agree to and we like it that way, because then what’s the fun? But not to forget, they are the eternal matriarchs when need arises and will defeat everyone who comes their way.

So this post is testimony to the love-hate relationship we share with our beloved mothers. 😀


The Calm Before The Storm

You know this look because you have been in this situation a thousand times over. No amount of excuses or explanations will help you reign over this look of hers. She seems to be super calm but you know, what’s waiting is some serious grilling session.


The Deadly Interrogation

This interrogation may put all your facts and checks to question and then there is no stopping. You only get to talk when she is done asking all he questions, but chances are you may only be left fumbling.


The Eternal Defence

She may not show it often but come crisis situation and she will manifest herself like you have never seen before. If anyone tries to throw shade at you, there’s no way she is letting them go without getting a piece of her mind.


A Mother’s Pride

Our mothers have been our greatest critics, but are also our ultimate support systems. The pride that she has on any of your achievements is unmatchable and sometimes her elation overpowers yours.


Same Same

And finally, like mother, like daughter! Apart from sharing a couple of some genes, you have a lot in common with your mother that you can only be thankful for. From displaying the same antics to having the same big heart, you are your mother’s daughter and there can be no better compliment than that.

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Haven’t Decided On A Gift For Mother’s Day Yet? We Have It All Chalked Out For You

Mum’s the world! Like literally and we all know that deep within. She’s been that wall who stood by no matter and made sure you got up and faced whatever life threw at you. She built you up to be that pillar of strength that nobody can break and became your best friend more than your mother. A sign of a true matriarch that she is, she always noticed your antics and fed resounding words that made an impact and help you in becoming the person you are meant to become. A mother, truly so is the only person who can love you as much and by far there has been no comparison.

To toast this woman who is an epitome of love, we present to you the Mother’s Day Gift Box. What are we offering in it though? Check the steps below:


Step 1:

First, you get to choose an attractive looking box with confetti in it.

*The boxes are available with gold and pink confetti.


Step 2:

Then, you have to pick a piece of statement jewellery for your beloved mother. From delicate to bold, we have it all here.


Step 3:

Now is the time to pamper your Mom with some skin loving goodness. Pick a beauty product from Bliscent.

*Products available: Chocolate Face Mask, Walnut & Tea Tree Face Scrub, Raspberry Lip Butter.
(Our personal favourite is the Chocolate Face Mask.) 😉


Step 4:

Lastly, choose any note of love that best expresses what you want to tell your Mum this Mother’s Day.

Tadaaa, your Mother’s Day Gift Box is ready. We hope your Mother loves it and you enjoy making it too 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day in advance to your lovely mothers from us at Pipa + Bella 😀

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