Food Parade At PB!


Be it Christmas parties or National days, we celebrate everything with pomp at PB. So, taking inspiration from the Republic Day Parade we did a food parade of sorts, a day prior to 26th January here at our PB office. Each team member got a special cuisine from her/his state of origin and introduced it with a hand-written note. There were Handvas from Gujrat, Gujias from Uttar Pradesh, Misal Pav from Maharashtra, Dahi Bhalla from Delhi, Cake from Goa et al. Cuisines across India were at display and our workstations quickly transformed in to buffet tables 😀

And while we celebrated cultural diversity, what we did more was Eat, Eat and EAT at this Food Parade 🙂 Here’s looking at the delectable spread.



Portrait Making With PB



We are definitely not polished Picasso’s and that’s pretty evident from the above image. However, we did try a hand at re-creating the PB faces and must we say, we failed miserably 😂 Nonetheless, we did have a good laugh!

The activity started with us writing our names on individual papers and circulating it around. Now, whoever got the sheet had to draw one feature of the person whose name was written on the sheet and circulate it again for the next part to be drawn. This continued until the entire face was ready. To top it all, we asked everyone to add accessories.

Want to see fun results? Here they are😁

Pretty close, eh?


Someone definitely imagined him as a cartoon character!


The eyes look so on point!


Accessory overload!


They drew a personalized necklace for him. Sweet!


Necklace on point but what happened to the hair?


Inverted glasses 🤔


Why the miniature version though?


The hair saga continues.


Hey Launchpad


Hey, we are not saying, but you now know what activity to play on your next get-together 😊


PB Christmas


Like we said, celebrations at the PB office started early and as Christmas neared, we sang carols and wore Santa caps all day long. The Christmas cheer had already gotten the better of us making us certified Christmas addicts.

That being said, we installed the tree and brightened it with tinsel and fairy lights.


Moreover, we surrounded it with all the gifts for Secret Santa which was followed by unwrapping of the gifts, cake cutting and a delicious snack party 🙂

We Are 4 :D


At Pipa Bella, the celebrations are rife since the past week. Not only because Christmas and New Year’s Eve are quickly approaching but because it was our 4th birthday 🙂 We commemorated it by raising a toast to all our bauble patrons and offered a 20% site wide discount. We really can’t thank you enough for supporting us in this beautiful journey.

Psst there was cake and confetti too.


Look at our happy faces 😀


And the cake came in super pretty packaging!


A closer view of our cake.


All the P’s and B’s came together to cut the cake that we finally gorged on 😀

Pranali: The Logistics Specialist

Blog-Pranali (1)

Pranali juggles between countless phone calls to shipping companies and co-coordinates with delivery runners for timely parcels. She also always has a stock of delicious snack items and is more than generous to share them. Meanwhile, she ensures your beloved baubles reach you on time without much of a hassle.

A quick chat with her is when we found out more about her

Your style is?

I love long kurtis and chunky earrings. Jeans and tops with stud earrings are also a favourite. Basically I just pick up what’s available in my wardrobe and wear it.

3 things you always have handy?

Headphones, Lipstick and Kajal.

What inspires you?

The trust and faith that my people have in me inspires me the most. It drives me to achieve greater and that’s what I believe in.

A song you are hooked on to?

This one for now-Love me like you do  by Ellie Goulding

Tough times call for?

Family and friends. They are my lifelines.

Ideal travel destination?

Maldives. I just love the azure waters there.

A surprising fact about you?

I don’t like pizza, cheese and chocolate. YES! (We have another employee who shares the same interests. We don’t know HOW they do it though?)

What drew you to Pipa Bella?

I really wanted to get in to logistics and a call for an internship was what made me decide to be here. Also, my unending love for jewelry is something that drew me to Pipa+Bella.

Your best-loved jewelry item at PB?

Love the earring collection here.

Nirali: The Design Genius


You might as well call her the one who creates magic, solely because, she does! Nirali remains unperturbed throughout countless edits and numerous creative changes making us wonder, does she ever really frown? Her cheer is contagious and her love for silver boho jewelry seems perfect for her to be working with us. After all this, she also creates fancy typography @mytypediary. Didn’t we say she is a genius already?

Know her more here:

Your style is?

Silver is my colour. Boho is my wardrobe. I match my clothes to my jewelry.

3 things you always have handy?

Kajal, A Calligraphy Pen, Phone. Always, in all my bags 😀

What inspires you?

Everything good inspires me. A good book, good food, good people! There’s so much good around us, but we somehow always look at the bad first!
And then the bad starts inspiring me to do good.

A song you are hooked on to?

It’s my mood that picks a song, not me! But I am loving Perfect by Ed Sheeran currently.

Tough times call for?

A good movie/tv show, sleep!

Ideal travel destination?

Too many to count. I have a travel plan ready till I die.
But Ireland and Norway top it!

A surprising fact about you?

I write. A lot. Stories, Characters musings, travel experiences.
(Also I hide it well!)

What drew you to Pipa Bella?

Honestly, it was Jewelry! And Pipa + Bella has taken my love for it a notch higher.

Your best-loved jewelry item at PB?

My Vintage Floret Tassel Earrings. I can wear them with anything, on most of the days!