Spa Party At PB



When a mail floated around asking us for our beauty preferences, we knew there was something exciting coming up. Then last Friday, a practised bunch of professionals from The Home Salon arrived at our office and transformed our meeting area in an aromatic abode. As you can see from the image, we did really do all play and no work that day 😀



The foot, back and neck massage turned out to be god sent! The smiling faces and able hands of the professionals transferred us into exotic spa locations with dreamy fragrances and dreamier music. While we did want to instantly nap after all the pampering we pulled through the evening by making plans of how to rope in our CEO for having a full-time masseuse who would love her baubles.


Also, we were offered manicure sessions with the fanciest nail polishes in town. From ascent nails to pop colours we tried them all. To add to our happy day, The Home Salon experts offered us a gift voucher for our next purchase. The day ended with each of us receiving an NSxPB bag from our in-house darlings 😀


See our happy faces? That’s how fun it is when we are partying at PB and we could not thank our Marketing Manager Ashna enough for organizing this entire event 🙂