Founder’s Day At PB


So, we celebrated Founder’s Day on 11th July, 2018 and to mark the occasion we had a celebration of sorts. Our office was cutely decked up as we had FUN performances lined up! With an enthusiastic host and an over-enthusiastic bunch of employees, the PB squad was having a gala time. And to add to the excitement, awesomeness happened when The Parfait Co. sent us tubs of parfaits in mouth-watering flavours of belgian chocolate, salted caramel and passion fruit which were sinfully delicious *squeals in excitement*

Hear, hear; the celebrations have begun

Rachana represented her entire Marketplace Team and she did a fantabulous job.

The Warehouse Team took a detour from traditional dancing.

The Tech Team came up with a new song which is our PB Anthem now.

And then, it was finally time to open the parfaitsss and eat them. But before that, see the excitement on our faces 😀








PB Christmas


Like we said, celebrations at the PB office started early and as Christmas neared, we sang carols and wore Santa caps all day long. The Christmas cheer had already gotten the better of us making us certified Christmas addicts.

That being said, we installed the tree and brightened it with tinsel and fairy lights.


Moreover, we surrounded it with all the gifts for Secret Santa which was followed by unwrapping of the gifts, cake cutting and a delicious snack party 🙂

PB Travel Journal: Thailand


This postcard-perfect picture of Phuket makes us want to go there again. The gorgeous views, serene waters and distinct greens ensured that we didn’t have a dull moment even once. While taking a million dips in the beaches and eating the most delicious food, we had the best time of our lives in Thailand.

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We spent the first couple of days in Phuket and the truth that it is basically a bigger and better version of Goa dawned upon us. A lot of travellers flock this place and it’s quite interesting to see a mix of people around. We beach-hopped, tried the local Thai food and partied in the nightclubs on loop. We had the Caspian earrings which acted as the perfect company to our LBD. The next day, we visited a tiger and elephant sanctuary and later in the day we explored Old Phuket Town where we sat in a little cafe bar with some chill music.

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Next was Krabi, which is on the other side of Thailand. We cannot describe how beautiful the beaches and the mountains looked here!

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None of us got bored even after all we did was just sit back and spend the entire day in our swimsuits. We had our accessories on ofcourse because how could we forget them? Our short stay here did comprise of a trip to Emerald Pool which is a natural mineral pool in the middle of a forest. We also visited a hot spring which was a very relaxing experience. Later, we went to the night market, which is like a big flea market. We ate some delicious local food and shopped for some souvenirs.

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We left Phi Phi for the last because ofcourse it’s the best. We took an early morning ferry to the Island and came to realize that this tiny little island has no vehicles. You can practically get from one side to another in 10 minutes, yes it’s that small! The water here is clear and as blue as the sky; it almost feels like it mirrors the beautiful azure blues. One thing that we absolutely loved about this place was that it was filled with cats! (WE LOVE CATS!).

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On the second day, we went on a party boat to a nearby island and on the way, we visited Monkey Beach and snorkeled to our heart’s content. Just being in the sea under the sun with all the fish was indeed a memorable experience. Lastly, we visited Maya Bay which is a tiny, little bay surrounded by big rock-like mountains and trees. We ended the trip in the best possible way by swimming in the sea till sunset 🙂


A little sadness did creep in when the trip was ending, but then we had shopped and visited some really exotic places which made us happy 😀 hehe

It was indeed a trip well done!

Sneha: The Social Media Wiz


Meet our Jr. Brand Manager; snapping our newly in jewelry pieces and documenting the hullabaloo that happens in office is what Sneha’s typical day at work looks like. Makeup being her first love, Sneha also talks about the on-goings in her life through photos on her Instagram – @snehaslair. To know more about her though, read on.

Your style is?

Black & basic. You will always find me wearing black and my daily style is jeans and a Tee. I always go for solid colours with minimalistic accessories.

3 things you always have handy?

Red lipstick: It’s every girl’s must have! You never know when one of your friends might make a last minute plan.

Perfume: You don’t want to stink when you meet someone.

Power bank: Without which I’ll probably lose my mind. I need my gadgets charged at all times. 😛

What inspires you?

Photography and music. Two things I can’t go without. Listening to music relaxes me and helps me clear my mind after a long day at work and I like to capture every moment through photos.

A song you are hooked on to?

Currently, it’s Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled Ft. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller

Tough times call for?

Friends, shopping and some beer.

Ideal travel destination?

Everywhere! I would like to go to each and every corner of the Earth. To explore, meet new people and document everything in pictures.

A surprising fact about you?

I don’t like chocolate and cheese. Yes, yes cheese!

Your quote for life?

Never Give Up!

What drew you to Pipa Bella?

I’ve known Pipa + Bella as a brand ever since they started, and I like all things fashion. So that drew me here.

Your best-loved jewelry item at PB?

I really like the Body Jewelry at PB. Especially the body chains and anklets. So pretty!