Shine Under The Sultry Sun Like Our B-Town Celebs!


Summer’s here and the soaring temperatures got us flocking to vacay-perfect destinations. From exotic beaches to luxurious villas; our summer itinerary is all planned and as we were hunting for some outfit-inspo, our eyes landed on B-Town celebrities who always nail vacation looks in style.

Be it a casual stroll in the market or a walk down the coastline, their styling hacks will always have you covered. Here’s us listing a few of our favourite celebrity holiday looks with our Valley Of Flowers Collection for that needed touch of glam.


Priyanka Chopra’s sartorial choice in the 2019 MET Gala left us all gawking in awe but isn’t she always making a statement with her appearances? Clad in a sunshine yellow summer dress here, she poses as the perfect tourist who’s set out to browse through local markets. Our Edmund Necklace accompanies her attire quite perfectly!


Deepika Padukone stuns wherever she goes and this look of hers with a plunging neckline, shimmery outfit and sunkissed hair deem perfect for a glamorous party on the cruise. Add our Narcissa Earrings to that and she would be the perfect embodiment of a diva.


Kareena Kapoor Khan’s cool babe outfit is ideal for those who love to laze on beaches when on a holiday. The pristine white summer dress, wavy hair and dewy skin are all set to make the perfect summer getaway look with our Jerome Earrings of course.


Alia Bhatt’s go-to vacation style is for alfresco lovers! Say, if you want to scale a hillock or indulge in adventure sports, taking cues from this cheery actress will help! Add our Fern Ring to this look for that added touch of bling.


Anushka Sharma exudes minimal class in this chic navy dress! Opt for this look if you are planning to unravel quaint cafes and lost lanes in a new city. Our Antonio Bracelet will add to this classic style quite perfectly.

Now, that you have your vacay looks sorted, don’t forget to tag #BellesOfPipaBella on your PB jewellery pics. As for those who want to grow their floral jewellery collection, shop here:


Food Parade At PB!


Be it Christmas parties or National days, we celebrate everything with pomp at PB. So, taking inspiration from the Republic Day Parade we did a food parade of sorts, a day prior to 26th January here at our PB office. Each team member got a special cuisine from her/his state of origin and introduced it with a hand-written note. There were Handvas from Gujrat, Gujias from Uttar Pradesh, Misal Pav from Maharashtra, Dahi Bhalla from Delhi, Cake from Goa et al. Cuisines across India were at display and our workstations quickly transformed in to buffet tables 😀

And while we celebrated cultural diversity, what we did more was Eat, Eat and EAT at this Food Parade 🙂 Here’s looking at the delectable spread.



Portrait Making With PB



We are definitely not polished Picasso’s and that’s pretty evident from the above image. However, we did try a hand at re-creating the PB faces and must we say, we failed miserably 😂 Nonetheless, we did have a good laugh!

The activity started with us writing our names on individual papers and circulating it around. Now, whoever got the sheet had to draw one feature of the person whose name was written on the sheet and circulate it again for the next part to be drawn. This continued until the entire face was ready. To top it all, we asked everyone to add accessories.

Want to see fun results? Here they are😁

Pretty close, eh?


Someone definitely imagined him as a cartoon character!


The eyes look so on point!


Accessory overload!


They drew a personalized necklace for him. Sweet!


Necklace on point but what happened to the hair?


Inverted glasses 🤔


Why the miniature version though?


The hair saga continues.


Hey Launchpad


Hey, we are not saying, but you now know what activity to play on your next get-together 😊


Ishaan: The Customer Service Expert


Ishaan though lively in person, transitions into an extremely helpful and patient personality while talking to our patrons. Not only does he strive to take CSAT to its zenith but also amuses us with his timely anecdotes. A call to Ishaan results in a seamless shopping experience, that is what our customers claim. Enough said by us, read more to know more about him.


Your style is?  

Anything Casual. I usually like to wear jeans with casual shirts and a pair of sneakers. Also, I am a huge fanatic of watches so it goes without saying that I am always wearing one that blends with the color of my shirt.


What inspires you?

What really inspires me and makes me happy is when I or my team achieve any milestone. That drives me to achieve better and I take it up as a challenge.


What does a typical day at work look like?

It is always busy. You know whenever a customer wants something, delivering it to them and catering to their happiness is the most important thing for me. Many times, customers request for an urgent order and though it is a little extra effort, most often, I coordinate and make that happen.


What’s the best thing a customer told you?

I got this once – Very much happy with the customer service. Got confirmation emails timely and the team took immediate action. Keep it up and you guys will rise and shine. 😀


How did you choose customer service as a career? What’s the best part about your job?

Patience and accepting challenges are my positive points. I believe patience plays a huge role in handling customers and that’s how I chose customer relationship. The best part is being at the forefront of the customers and providing the best help in styling them.


In your free time, you like?

 I like listening to music – and make new music tracks – I like DJ’ing a lot 🙂


Your favourite comfort food?

Anything which has Cheeeeeese.


How would you describe Mumbai?

Amchi Mumbai– Mumbai has place for everyone – So be our guest 🙂


Tough times call for?

Spending time at Marine Drive thinking what went wrong and strategizing on the next plan of action. Also, a peg of Royal Stag Barrel Select always comes handy.


       What drew you to Pipa Bella?

Since PB was a startup, I wanted to give my best in a company which will grow more and more. I am decided to contribute the best of my skills so that Pipa Bella reaches higher every time.

PB Travel Journal: Santorini


Pristine waters and clear skies welcomed us at Greece making us a happy bunch of people. While marveling at the white and blue buildings dotting the coastline, we lost count of how much wine we drank. Think soul quenching food amidst picturesque sunsets, yes all of that with our jewellery for company 🙂


Basking under the sun with our Do Not Disturb Hats to get that beautiful tan. Shimmying around in tassels both on our ears and bags. Overlooking the blue horizons in our best swimsuits. Shopping from the cheery locals for anything and everything that we could possibly glance on. And basically creating pseudo instagram perfect pictures to flaunt on later. Much fun happened on this trip and oh, you can now get our Vacay Perfect Jewelry and flaunt it too.